Day: June 9, 2017

Baby Ambrose: 5 Month Update

Five months of #momlife and I’m ready to hit the pause button on Ambrose. I’ve really and truly fallen in love with him this past month. Maybe it’s because he’s¬†sleeping better (read:¬†I’m sleeping better) or because he’s finally out of Leap 4 (and actually, technically in Leap 5, so the grumpies are back a bit) but he’s just a delight. He’s old enough to be really fun, but not too old that I have to worry about bad behavior or mobility. He knows to smile at the camera when I say “One, two, three!” and sometimes when he’s eating he looks up at me and gives this flirty half-grin…so, yeah. He’s pretty much got me wrapped around his wee little finger. And I’m alright with that.
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