Friday Roundup for Week 3

I remember thinking, when I took this, that the photo really didn't do the sunrise justice. Wow!
I remember thinking, when I took this, that the photo really didn’t do the sunrise justice. Wow!

What I Read

  • I started The True Meaning of Smekday, which is absolutely hilarious and so wonderful. These are #writergoals, people. Honestly. A hovering car named Slushious? An alien named J.Lo who eats dental floss and is running from authorities? A Disney World-esque place that has rotating attractions so they can be cleaned every other day? How does Adam Rex think of this stuff?!

What I Ate

  • I paid way too much for omakase at a fancy Japanese grill! Hooray! That was a 30 Before 30 goal! (Roundup of that experience coming next week, probably.)
  • Dude, I made this Black Pepper Tofu from Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook Plenty that was the absolute shizz. (And I say that in a good way.)
  • I also did a repeat of TheKitchn’s Linguini with Walnut Pesto that was SOOPER quick and easy and ridiculously yum. The anti-cheese contingent around these parts even loved it.

What I Watched

  • Dallas Buyer’s Club, only because I’d had the disc out from Netflix for the past three or four months. That’s wasted money, people. Did I enjoy it? Well…there was a lot of boobs and drugs, is the thing. Not generally my type of movie.

What I Wrote

  • Pounded out the articles this week. Back into it, hurrah! My favorite might be the one about the monkey who adopted the puppy in India, because of all the cute photos. But I also enjoyed poking fun at McDonald’s new McChoco Potato. And delving into how to be less distracted at work, because that’s really the key to the original article I cited, not the fact that distracted people are geniuses. Well…
  • I also got some good work done on my Ahab Rehab draft. This article is publishing in the morning, but I’m hoping to reach 65,000 words in it by the end of today or tomorrow. Out of a projected 85,000-90,000? That’s super progress! I might just finish it as expected next week!

What I Learned

  • Good question. I haven’t been doing my Russian this week. Shame on me. I’m not sure Duolingo is a good platform for such a complicated language, is the thing. But maybe I’m just being whiny.

What I Accomplished

  • KM’ed the kitchen, which took like, a half hour. I’m already pretty good about keeping my kitchen items pared down, but some random mugs just had to go. Now that the kitchen is done, all that’s left to do is memorabilia. Which…will be fun. I’m planning on videoing myself explaining every item I have, and then keeping only the most delightful ones. Er. The ones that spark the most joy.

All in all, it was a nice week. I got a lot of work done, but I also got to relax on Monday. Still hoping for ambiguously good things to come my way. Next week could be a good one. We shall see.

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