30 Before 30 (the Easy Way)

Ben and Jerry's Yo[K, so I started this awhile ago but I don’t feel like changing it around too much so just…pretend. Okay?]

Ahoy! Long time no write!

Alas, I am back, almost [wait, yes] a Master, bursting with post-school energy, and…

…turning thirty in a mere 16 [correction, 14] months. Hello, old age. (Just kidding, just kidding.) (But really.)

In any case, a good two years ago, I heard about the idea of a 30 Before 30 list–much better, in my mind, than the ubiquitous Bucket List–and did the good Wannabe Grown-Butt Adult thing and wrote my own 30 Before 30. It included easy stuff like, eat horse meat, and make a quilt, and, get my private pilot’s license.

So, not easy at all. (Except for the horse meat thing. I think all I have to do to achieve that one is get to France. Hmm…)

Then I started grad school, which, let me tell you, people: huge time suck right there. Not to mention the whole can’t-afford-flying-lessons thing. Which brings me right up to today: imminently thirty, and still wanting to usher in the next decade by crossing off every item on some big, fancy list.

Big. Fancy. But also attainable within fourteen months. [I actually did write fourteen there. See!]

So I’ve revamped the thing, and hey! That’s where this blog comes in! I’ll achieve all my pre-thirty goals, you’ll read in amusement as I ruin my health by chowing down on pork rinds and binge-watching Netflix shows.

And what are those goals? Well…

Emily’s Shiny, Mostly-Easily-Attainable 30 Before 30 List

  1. Make a cheesecake. (2/2/2016)
  2. Master macarons.
  3. Make sushi. (Crossed off, because I accomplished this one a few weeks [months] ago! Woo!)
  4. Binge-watch a show on Netflix. (10/13/2015)
  5. Make croissants.
  6. Try pork rinds. (12/26/2015 and also 1/23/2016)
  7. Attain coveted Gold Level status at Starbucks. (9/1ish/2015)
  8. Make my own bitters.
  9. Pay way too much for omakase at a fancy sushi joint. (1/16/2016)
  10. Eat breakfast at Taco Bell. (10/14/2015)
  11. Try a Filet o’ Fish. (1/14/2016)
  12. Try a McRib.
  13. Eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. (1/26/2016)
  14. Drink a whole bottle of wine by myself. (10/13/2015…ugh.)
  15. Finish the Penguin Drop Caps series.
  16. Finish a DuoLingo language.
  17. Go paperless.
  18. Confidently learn pourover (and how to adjust grind). (12/14/2015)
  19. Buy a leather jacket.
  20. KonMari my whole house.
  21. Start an Etsy shop and make one non-family/friend sale. (12/15ish/2015)
  22. Go vegan for a few months (don’t worry, this actually is quantitative).
  23. Make baklava.
  24. Eat at a smorgasbord in Norway.
  25. Try pho.
  26. Sell a book.
  27. Make a souffle (and ssh!, don’t make it fall).
  28. Grow something edible.
  29. Quit my day job. (9/1/2015)
  30. Cook a child inside my womb. (4/18/2016)
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