A Few of my Favorite Things

Getaway hoodie, andie chino, and linen tee

Well folks, at this point I can only curse J. Crew for making such perfect-fitting pants. And tops. And shoes. And–

Oh. I don’t think I’ve ever explained my unrequited love of everything J. Crew on this blog before, have I? (Is unrequited the right word? Because I’d say my love is requited in the wonderful clothes I get to wear.) Well here it is: I am madly, desperately in love with everything J. Crew. And to prove it to you, I’ll review three pieces I just ordered for my new Minimalist Wardrobe.

J. Crew Collection Cashmere Getaway Hoodie Collection Cashmere Getaway Hoodie–Heather dusk, size small.

I’ve been lusting after this one for quite some time–at least a year, I think. Initially I wanted it in a sky blue they had, but that color was quickly discontinued, and I decided, when putting together my minimalist wardrobe, that grey would go better anyway.

Now, I’ve got a bit of a belly pooch (though it’s going away, thanks to some steady health efforts I’ve been putting forth for the past several months) and definite love handles, so I was a bit concerned about the sweater stretching in weird places. Not so! The thing skims its way nicely over my curves. It’s a hug in cashmere. I am definitely, 100% happy with my purchase. I’m looking forward to throwing it on in the chilly airplane ride I’ll be taking on the 6th. (EEK!!!)

J. Crew Linen V-NeckLinen V-neck Pocket Tee–navy, size small.

I discovered J. Crew’s linen tees quite by accident. I had just gotten hired on at an eye doctor’s office in Cedar Crest, NM and decided I needed a bit of an upgrade to my wardrobe. And also, a celebration, because someone was crazy enough to employ me for less than a year. (And bless their hearts, they also trained me to pretest.) I don’t know why, but I picked out a nice striped linen tee. I think it was on a whim, because it was so darn comfy.

Yes. J. Crew linen tees are ridiculously comfy, and breezy, and slouchy, and just absolutely perfect. I purchased a mosaic-print linen tee last Christmas, making this one my third.

I wasn’t concerned about this purchase, because I was well aware of how J. Crew linen fits; that is, slouchy and large. Which is just fine for the wardrobe I’m creating, but if you want something a little closer-fitting, I’d say size down. Also, I’ve noticed that my older linen tees accumulate BO smells at the pits pretty quickly. I don’t know if that’s because of a build-up of deodorant or what, but hand-washing alone doesn’t take care of it. I think vinegar might, but I haven’t tried it.

J. Crew Andie ChinosAndie Chino–white, size petite 6

Yes, that’s right. I am a petite lady. And I am eternally grateful to J.Crew for keeping a line of petites for ladies like myself who, well–I won’t get into my rage. Suffice it to say, if the average height of an American woman is 5’4”, then why is 5’4” considered the cutoff for petite????

Okay. Rant over. I friggin’ love these Andies. I was smitten the minute I pulled them over my butt and did up the metal clasps.

Like I said, I’m mad at J. Crew. They make such perfect pants that manage to skim over my love handles without pulling or giving me any sort of a muffin top, that I have no choice but to keep buying more from them. Those stinkers!

The Andies are a bit more formal than I had anticipated. Don’t they seem more cottony-casual on the model? But then again, she’s wearing seaport blue Andies. And white is always going to be more formal, I think. In any case, they are a wonderful addition to my Minimalist Wardrobe Crazytown Experiment. “Are they see-through?” you ask. Good question. I didn’t worry about that until I received my latest Style Guide touting J. Crew’s white toothpick jeans a being totally non-see-through. However, you’ll be happy to know that I am successfully (right? right?) concealing a pair of very bright yellow-and-pink-flowered undies with a hot pink waistband underneath, in the pictures above. IRL, you can barely make out the pink of the waistband, but I really don’t think anyone’s going to be looking that closely.

So that’s it. Three more J. Crew items added to my ever-evolving wardrobe. Now I’m just waiting for my jeans–apparently the waistband is being sewn on, yes, my jeans are being custom made isn’t that nuts???!!! And I had to send back my Madewell sweater for an XS–the S was just too schlumpy. So we’ll see about that. And, of course, I am still waiting patiently for Everlane to re-stock the sandals I want. In the meantime, I have items to sub out, so my Great Experiment in Nuts-ness begins as of yesterday.

P.S. Ooh, what do you think of the belt + tucked-in-slouch look? I’ve never been able to pull it off, but I think it works here.

P.P.S. Don’t mind my angry-looking expressions. A) I never know what face to make when the camera goes off, and B) I’m in wisdom-tooth-extraction pain. There’s also swelling there.

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