A Raw Deal

Viper X001's - Before

I e-mailed Railcar Fine Goods on Friday to ask about the shipping status of the Viper X001’s I had ordered the week before and received my answer within a couple of hours: they were supposed to be shipping out that day, as soon as the waistband was sewn on.

Folks, they were making my jeans from scratch. This company is the best.

The package came yesterday evening–hooray for fast shipping from California!–and I tried them on in front of an amused Hubby. I wasn’t expecting much, but still. It was like trying on a pair of cardboard pants that gave me extreme muffin-top.

Viper X001's - Front Shot

Viper X001's - Booty ShotA day later, and things are looking up. The creases are starting to settle in, and I no longer have to lay down to button them. Yay! I’m sure the muffin top is going to be around for a bit longer. The thing is, these jeans are meant to fit tight. They’re raw, and I’m not going to be washing them for at least a year, so they’ll stretch out a little and conform to my curves. I’m looking forward to that day, fer sure. In the meantime, it’ll be a fun experiment. Fingers crossed for some sick fadezz!

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