A Wardrobe Update

Monday 1 OutfitI have this love-hate relationship with fashion. In some ways, I love it. I love putting together great-looking outfits, I love looking polished, I love searching and saving up for the next item to perfect my wardrobe. (Sometimes I wonder if this is me trying to make up for my lack of fashion sense in earlier days.)

But I hate it, too. Because inevitably, there’s always the post-purchase letdown. There’s always the closet boredom that leaves me wanting more. And there’s the whole trouble of fast fashion and the American obsession with deal$. I don’t want to be a part of the problem.

But I do want to look good.

Which is why I obsessively plan my wardrobes in my head (and on Pinterest.) I want to look my best, and to have timeless, lovely items of clothing that combine well with each other and that I’ll want to wear day after day. My previous answer to this problem was my minimalist wardrobe. Which was fine, but I quickly ran into problems. Boredom, yes, but also the fact that it isn’t actually always summer in Las Vegas (even though it can feel like it sometimes).

Enter my new solution, sweeping in as if mounted on a horse and dressed in shining armor! Wardrobe Oxygen’s What to Wear in Paris capsule wardrobe. It’s mostly dark-toned (plus), features classic wardrobe items that can be switched out with updated versions as they age (plus), and can be adapted to both cold and surface-of-the-sun hot weather (definite plus). Oh, and should something, er, drastic happen to my body this year, it can be adapted without much strife.

That said, I didn’t keep everything from Wardrobe Oxygen’s original list. Now is not the time of year, for example, to find a good drapey black top–and I don’t think I need one in addition to the black tank. I also don’t have black boots, so I’m going to work in my tall brown Lucky Brand boots. And Everlane’s Chelsea boot, too. As well as my very favorite Philip work boots from Frye, because what’s the sense in abandoning such a lovely pair of shoes? And since we’re already talking about changes, I do love me a striped top, so I added one.

You get the point. The grand total is sixteen items on the list, including the trench. That’s five tops, one cardigan, two pairs of paints, two dresses, one skirt, four pairs of shoes, and one coverup that may have to be switched with my bright red peacoat on extremely chilly days. Ain’t no thing.

The best part is, thanks to a little Christmas money, I’m fully ready to launch this Minimalist Wardrobe 2.0, just as soon as I get back home from this beautiful post-Christmas week I’ve been spending in Kansas City. I’m anticipating The Big Heat Shift sometime in April or May (honestly, I don’t remember), so until then I’ll save up my clothing money until my go-to clothing sources start releasing summer items. I think all I need is cotton versions of both dresses. (Oh. Wait. Looking at my notes, I also have marked down for purchase a pair of dark shorts, a drapey black top, black sandals, and a black cotton cardigan.)

I’m excited! This will be good for me. I can do it. I can do it. And you will watch me do it. (But only if you want. Which is why I have a separate Instagram account for it. K bye now.)

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