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intenseWell hi there. I’m Emily. I’m a born-and-raised Hoosier, but beyond that I don’t care too much about Indiana (though I do miss its rolling cornfields and its humid summers). I have a mild obsession with everything J. Crew and I tend to use too many parentheses and em-dashes. En-dashes? Not sure which is which. Which is bad, because I was a graphic design major in college…

Anyhoo. I recently graduated with an MFA from VCFA’s Writing for Children and Young Adults low-residency program (sorry, that’s a mouthful) and no it’s not online. I went out to Vermont twice a year, and I am beyond crushed that I’m done with it.

What else? I grew up with asthma, my first memory is in a hospital isolation tent thing, trying to find a puzzle piece I lost. I’m married, but beyond that you won’t hear much about my husband on here. (Other than the fact that he’s fantastic.) I have a weakness for cheese, and chocolate, and crappy sweets, and now this is starting to sound like a dating profile, so I’ll leave off here. If I ever get anything published, maybe I’ll add some more inspirational writerly stuff.

P.S. I’m the angry-looking one in the front of the duck there. What can I say? I’ve had an RBF since the day I was born. My dear sweet sister is in the back. She’s got a Resting Happy Face, if that’s a thing. She’s the greatest.

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  1. We, Grama and Grampa Shantz are anxiously waiting and praying for god’s presence with you and Jarrod in your time of need right now. We hope and pray that Ambrose may receive the comfort necessary in this hour of need.

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