Baby Ambrose: 5 Month Update

Five months of #momlife and I’m ready to hit the pause button on Ambrose. I’ve really and truly fallen in love with him this past month. Maybe it’s because he’s sleeping better (read: I’m sleeping better) or because he’s finally out of Leap 4 (and actually, technically in Leap 5, so the grumpies are back a bit) but he’s just a delight. He’s old enough to be really fun, but not too old that I have to worry about bad behavior or mobility. He knows to smile at the camera when I say “One, two, three!” and sometimes when he’s eating he looks up at me and gives this flirty half-grin…so, yeah. He’s pretty much got me wrapped around his wee little finger. And I’m alright with that.

Ambrose at Five Months: The Stats

Weight: 15 lbs 5 oz, a middling weight. Kid’s supposed to double his birth weight by 6 months but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. 18 lbs 6 oz is quite the goal!

Length: 27.36 inches. 99th percentile. Whaaaat.

Diaper size: BumGenius Freetimes, first rise, four snaps in on each size. We have a few leaks at night, but nothing major. He’s also been wearing Pampers size 2 disposables during all our travel this month.

Clothing size: 3-6 months, but I’ve started buying some 6-9 month pants because his cloth butt is so chunky.

Nicknames: Bubby, Bubs, Sir.

Health: So, we started PT finally! He does indeed still have torticollis, but therapy has been great for him. He kills tummy time, and now we’re working on his core strength, which means a lot of prop sitting. He did two minutes unassisted on Thursday!

He’s also started wearing a helmet as of yesterday. We had asked about his flat head at his 2-month appointment and the pediatrician didn’t make it seem like a big deal, but the PT recommended a consult for a helmet at Ambrose’s evaluation. When we went, the measurements came back on the high end of moderate flatness. His hair hides just how wonky his head looks; when the orthopedist did the scan of his head she put this sock thingy on to flatten it down and then it really was apparent. Kind of a bummer, but it’s good we’re doing this now — it’s pretty much the earliest they’d put a helmet on a baby anyway, and he should only be in it for 3 months or so.

Other than that, he’s doing super! He had a real struggle with his 4 month vaccines, poor kid. And he’s had a cough for about a week now. Oh, and we got into a car accident! But he’s 100% fine. And so am I!

Sleep: Doing pretty well! In spite of all the travel we’ve been doing this month (Alabama, Bahamas, Canada), Ambrose now falls asleep on his own at bedtime with generally zero crying — unless, of course, my mom happens to be listening. 😉 Although he’s given me some glorious wake-free nights, he seems to have fallen into a pattern of waking two times — once around 2 a.m. for a feed, and another time around 5 a.m. with the sun, during which I give him the “snooze alarm” feed and he goes off to sleep for another hour or so. (Addendum: as of a few nights ago he’s been skipping said snooze feed. Hopefully this means it’s gone for good. I can live with that!)

Naps are a different sort of beast, but I haven’t been the most consistent with them either. Sometimes I rock him to sleep, other times I just let him cry for a bit if he’s not transferring easily. I don’t expect much to change this month, but as soon as we get to Alabama I’ll get my act together and fix things for real. The good news is, he seems (maybe? hopefully?) to be lengthening his naps. I’m actually starting to wish we could lengthen his wake times as well, just so we can do longer walks and visit restaurants, etc, without him getting fussy within that 90-minute time period.

Diet: Milk vending machine for 5 months solid. Ambrose does seem to be getting interested in food, though. If I’m eating while he’s trying to nurse, he gets distracted. I’ve recently been handing him slices of apple or cucumber to gnaw on, too. I know he won’t eat it, but he’ll at least get some flavors on his tongue. The task this month is to research weaning techniques and start on solids next month. Also WHERE DID MY BABY GO?

Loves: Having random giggle-fests, playing around with his favorite toys, sticking his fingers inside the mouth of whoever is holding him. Feet are a new and exciting thing as of today!

Dislikes: Shots. I’m telling you, he is the easiest kid ever.

Milestones: More consistent rolling from tummy to back, though he hasn’t done it since last weekend so I don’t know. And he’s started putting weight on his feet, hooraaaay! Unofficially, we had our first clothes-ruining blowout on the way to the Bahamas. Disposables, I tell you what. #snob

Speech: Still a bit quiet, still loves to chat as a method of resisting sleep. I’m hoping he finds his voice soon.

Baby Gear Love: DockATot, so much the DockATot. He’s been sleeping in it for a month solid. I’ve also been very happy with the LilleBaby as a means of carrying him around the airport. And I have to give a shoutout to our Cybex Aton 2 carseat for protecting Ambrose during the crash. Only the front end of the car got bashed in, but still. I appreciate that he was well protected.

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