Baby Ambrose: 6 Month Update

Here we are, a half a year old and better than ever. This month has, at least for me, just flown, with a 12-day vacation to Georgia at the beginning and a weeklong cross-country move at the end. And in spite of all the craziness in his life, Ambrose has just continued to grow and thrive. He’s really starting to find his voice and flirting with mobility. Just in time for us to arrive at the new house and get things thoroughly Ambrose-proofed!

Ambrose at Six Months: The Stats

Weight: Not sure, but I’ll update when I know. (Our scale is somewhere between Las Vegas and Dothan right now!)

Length: See above, subbing the word “measuring tape” for “scale.”

Diaper size: We just started trying out Pampers Size 3’s. (Most of this month Ambrose has been in disposables, just because of all the travel.)

Clothing size: 3-6 months, for the most part.

Nicknames: Bub, Bubby, Sir, Admiral Poopypants.

Health: No complaints! (Other than the persistent eczema, boo.) After just two weeks of wearing the helmet Ambrose’s head was re-measured and found to have improved by 50%. He doesn’t mind the thing (although it does get stinky) and actually loves playing with it when he’s not wearing it.

He’s losing a lot of his hair, which is sad but normal. We just dodged it for longer than most. I’m not taking that luscious mane for granted anymore…now that it’s gone!

Sleep: Given how hectic things have been, I can’t complain. We had to deal with 11 hours’ worth of jet lag both to and from Georgia, but all that is finally over and he’s settled, once again, into the habit of waking about two times per night. As I said last month, I’m ready to work on cutting those night wakings once we get settled in.

Naps, honestly, have been pretty darn good. He puts himself to sleep with zero crying now, which is really all I could hope for. He still hasn’t extended naps past his first one, but to be fair he has a lot of super wonky naps these days — in the car, on the go, etc. In Georgia he pretty much took every nap on me. It was…good times.

Diet: Milk milk milk. We have been giving Ambrose random tastes of things, though: avocado, mustard, ketchup, a chicken bone. His reaction is pretty much always the same: “What did you just give me and why? Can you please not?” I’m looking forward to actually starting to introduce stuff this month…once I get a high chair and/or weaning table for the kid.

Loves: Talking to himself, talking to us, trying to blow raspberries, tickle-fests.

Dislikes: Being pinned down for diaper changes, long car rides.

Milestones: I can say with some confidence that Ambrose has mastered the art of rolling within the past couple weeks. He still hasn’t figured out that he can connect his rolls to get places, but I’m giving him another two weeks. R.I.P. to leaving him on the bed without worrying about him falling off and bonking his head.

Speech: I’d say he’s found his voice. He’s a quiet little dude but he’s definitely got his loud moments, and they’re starting to become more frequent. Within the past couple days he’s been working at blowing raspberries and has even stuck some consonant sounds in there. It’s absolutely hilarious. Especially when we’re trying to hold civilized adult conversations and he interrupts us with his vocal exercises.

Baby Gear Love: I’ve really been enjoying my WildBird ring sling this month. Soooo many mobile naps in Georgia! And if I haven’t mentioned it before, the Dohm sound machine has been great for creating a consistent sleep environment on-the-go. In fact, now I’m realizing that that might be the reason naps on this road trip have been so darn successful.


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