Baby Ambrose: 1 Month Update

So! It’s been one month since Ambrose was born and our world turned upside down. And obviously, a lot has happened in that month. But now we are safe back at home, spending our days in a constant cycle of nursing and not-napping, and working on getting off that last bit of oxygen.

Ambrose at One Month: The Stats

Weight: 10 lbs 1 oz, if the old “step on the bathroom scale with and without baby and subtract the difference” method is to be believed.
Length: 22 1/4 – 24 inches, depending on who you ask.
Diaper size: Thirsties Newborn AIO’s, third snap in, with one snap up for the rise. We’re having some leaking issues, but hopefully we’ll figure that out. Also Huggies size 1 for when I don’t get the wash done fast enough 🙂
Clothing size: 0-3 month
Nicknames: Buddy, Butterball, Guy, Little Man, Hambrose, Mini Baby (stolen from the infant CPR video we had to watch)
Health: Okay, putting aside all the issues of the first three weeks, Ambrose is doing great! We got the official word from the pulmonologist that we can “wean away” on the oxygen. (Actually, the appointment was hilarious. The doc breezed in and immediately asked us what happens when we take Ambrose off oxygen. Which is something we weren’t planning on sharing with him, because we knew we were technically doing it against the doctor’s orders!) He anticipates that Ambrose will be off within the week. For now we’re keeping him off during the day, and as soon as he can nap without desaturating we’ll take him off at night. And then, as soon as he’s off the oxygen, we’ll wean ourselves off the sat monitor!
Sleep: This is a funny one. Ambrose is a great sleeper at night, but sucks at naps. Last night, for example, he slept for 5 1/2, 2, and 2 1/2 hours. It was glorious. He’s very easy to put down at night, too — just nurse him and he’s back out. But during the day it’s a different story. I’m trying not to associate feeds with sleep, but he’s not having it. (Trust me, not even the cold washcloth trick can rouse him.) I’ll rock him till he’s mostly down, put him in the bassinet, and…hello. And so eventually I give up and just nurse him to sleep. That said, I’ve been putting him in my Nesting Days wrap now that we’re a bit more mobile without the oxygen and it puts him out like a light, enough so that I can transition him into his bassinet for the rest of his sleep. So, fingers crossed that this continues to work!
Diet: Milk all day err’day. We had a fun time cluster feeding last night, and by fun I mean not so fun…it’s funny how, in theory, cluster feeding seems like it’s going to be a totally bearable thing, until you go through it and then you’re like, “What is wrong with me?!” But see above with the sleep thing. He was probably just tanking up for the long night. Which I appreciate.
Loves: Hard to say, he’s still so little. Being on the boob, I guess. He doesn’t mind his baths. Oh, and he’s all about the pacifier.
Dislikes: His nightly coconut oil massages, not being on the boob, tummy time. He’s also not sure about the Munari mobile, but I think we’re getting there.
Milestones: No official milestones that I know of. He maybe started smiling at us today? (Like in the photo above. They’re fleeting smiles though.) Unofficially: busting out of the NICU, first pediatrician visit, first walk outside, first trip to PublicUs.
Speech: Just a lot of grunts and groans. And cries.
Baby Gear Love: My Brest Friend nursing pillow, Nesting Days wrap (as mentioned above), Bumbleride Indie stroller, Cybex Aton 2 car seat, milk-saving breast shells.

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10 thoughts on “Baby Ambrose: 1 Month Update”

  1. So appreciated your updates Emily. And so happy for the great progress Ambrose has made. Many prayers said for you and your family. By the way, I am your Dad’s aunt from Ontario, Canada.

  2. So glad to hear that he is doing well at home! Love seeing the Ambrose updates, but thrilled that they only need to be monthly now since he’s a healthy little guy!! And adorable too, love that picture!

  3. Hi Emily, Haven’t heard anything in almost 1 month. Praying all is going well for Ambrose and you are settling into a family loving routine. The OCA parish of St. Alexis in Clinton Ct. has been praying for Ambrose’s good health and for your family. We will be in thought and prayer with you on Sat. March 4th as Ambrose becomes confirmed. God bless!

    1. Ambrose is doing great, we appreciate your prayers! I’ve switched to monthly updates now that all the scary medical stuff is done, so you can look forward to another post on or around the 9th, when he turns 2 months 🙂

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