Baby Ambrose: 10 Month Update

And just like that, here we are again. Ten months of #hardcoremomming. It’s funny, because the year feels like it’s gone by very quickly but at the same time, thinking of specific memories of Ambrose as a newborn (for example, watching Jane the Virgin while feeding him) feel like they happened a very long time ago. Anyway, this month has been a busy one!

Ambrose at Ten Months: The Stats

Weight: 19.6 lbs, according to my at-home measurement (with a clean diaper on) (Ambrose, not me). That’s almost a pound gained in a month!

Length: 29 1/4 inches…can that be right? I mean, I sensed he was going through a growth spurt but really? No wonder he was suddenly too tall for his car seat…

Diaper size: No changes here.

Clothing size: Well, apparently kids’ clothing sizes skip directly from 6-9 to 12 months. Who knew? Ambrose is in a combination of both.

Nicknames: Sweets, all variations of Bub.

Health: Six teeth are in now, and I think we’re at a temporary stopping point, thankfully. There’s also a not-very-concerning-but-needs-to-be-dealt-with genital issue going on, but I’ll leave it at that, lest I embarrass my son by telling the entire world about the status of his man parts before he turns a year old. We’re driving to Jacksonville, FL to see a pediatric urologist on Wednesday, so keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Sleep: Okay, I’ve tried to not be That Mom who complains about Daylight Saving Time ending but…seriously. How is it possible for the shifting of a single hour to mess with things so royally? I’d finally gotten Ambrose on a beautiful, by-the-clock napping schedule that didn’t involve him rolling around his room for nearly an hour before conking out. Now…I don’t know what to do and he’s waking up at 6 a.m. Blah.

Aside from that, we’re in a good place again. I say “again” because there was about a weeklong hiccup between last month’s update and now, caused by Leap 7 or teeth or some combination of the two.

Diet: Milk, table food, etc. I’ve been giving Ambrose adult fruit pouches (just leftover from my Whole30 month) and Cheerios because it seems like we’re out of the house for mealtimes a lot. I finally got him some actual baby food pouches at Target today. He slaughters the pouches I give him, so I’m fairly confident he’ll take well to these. As for solids, Ambrose still isn’t a huge fan of actual non-pureed food, but we’re working on it. Nursing is getting more and more frustrating, but Ambrose enjoys drinking protein nut milk from his straw cup, so that gives me some peace of mind…and will also help with weaning when the time comes! (Insert sobbing emoji.)

Loves: Blankie, Lamby, Sophie the Giraffe, tickle fingers, baths (specifically the shower pull thingy), standing, chewing on cords, trying to get the plants, investigating the printer…it’s been a busy month.

Dislikes: Sitting down to eat, getting dressed, diaper changes.

Milestones: This month has been ALL ABOUT THE GROSS MOTOR SKILLS. It took almost the entire month to perfect, but we now have a champion crawler. Ambrose is also a champion puller-upper, can get himself down pretty well, and is even starting (just a tiny bit) to climb. And an unofficial milestone: Ambrose climbed into the shower with me this week. Like, pj’s on and everything. I keep the door open while I shower so I can keep an eye on him…maybe I’ll just have to start stripping him down before!

Speech: Lots of babbling noises, shrieks, Wookie sounds, random laughs, the “whisper motorcycle” (thanks for that one Aimee), raspberries, etcetera.

Baby Gear Love: I finally pulled the trigger and got a convertible car seat, the Britax Marathon Click Connect. It’s everything we were looking for: easy to switch between cars, easy to pull the harness straps tight, relatively tangle-prone. And, you know, safe!


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