Baby Ambrose: 2 Month Update

Ambrose is two months young today! Meaning that we are one month out from the end of the so-called Fourth Trimester…phew. This month has simultaneously flown by and been one of the longest months of my life. I suspect that’s how motherhood is in general. I’m trying to cherish these early days, but…I would like just a bit more sleep! (Still, Ambrose is a treasure, and we are so happy that he’s back home and healthy.)

Ambrose at Two Months: The Stats

Weight: 11 lbs 15 1/2 oz, as per yesterday’s appointment with the midwife. (Last one!)
Length: 25 whopping inches. It’s hard to know what growth chart to trust, but according to one he’s in the 99.5th percentile, and according to another 92nd percentile. Funny, because neither Dad nor I are exceptionally tall people. Ambrose must have inherited some mutant Jenkins genes (Grammy’s side). Which makes me just a little scared for whatever future kiddos are coming. I don’t intend to have another 9 lb 4 oz-er, but maybe it’s not up to me.
Diaper size: BumGenius One Size All-in-One, second rise, four snaps in on each side. Remember last month’s leaking issues? I transitioned over to the all-in-ones, and while they are massive on our poor little dude, they can sop up an entire night’s worth of pee with not a drop left behind. Pretty great.
Clothing size: 0-3 months; 3-6 months in pants due to the bulk of the ginormous cloth diapers he now wears.
Nicknames: Buddy, Bud, Bub
Health: We’re mostly-officially off the oxygen! The follow-up with the pulmonologist went great. He said we really don’t have to worry about sticking him on oxygen unless he gets below 80, and just to monitor him for a bit before sending everything back. Since that appointment he’s worn the monitor maybe once. I just hate attaching it to his foot so, so much. But. I’ve been meaning to get it back on him for a day or two of naps and nights, just to make absolutely sure that he’s done with the oxygen. Also, Early Intervention visited last week, to evaluate Ambrose and see if he qualifies for therapy. To qualify, he’d need to be delayed by 50% in one category or 25% in two or more categories. Happily, he’s 0% delayed in any category! Still, we’ve put him in the Screening and Monitoring program, which is essentially evaluation every few months to make sure he’s still hitting his milestones okay.
Sleep: Ha. What’s sleep? We’re still on the napping struggle bus, but within the last few days I’ve started to put him to sleep in the bathroom, of all places, with the fan going for white noise. I’d say it’s worked like a dream, but then yesterday morning he was up after just a half hour. And then he slept for two and a half hours, same trick. I’ve been trying out the 90-minutes-awake thing, which has informally worked alright, but I just ordered The Natural Baby Sleep Solution, which goes more into the science of it all, and I’m sure will solidify my strategy. And nights? Nights are alright. This weekend Ambrose did a stretch of 6 1/2 hours, but that was a fluke. The past couple days he’s been back to 2 1/2 – 3 hour stretches (though last night it was 4 1/2, so hopefully it was just a growth spurt).
Diet: Still tankin’ up on the milk. I’ve been slightly irrationally concerned that Ambrose is allergic to dairy proteins — he seems to have mucousy stools and is maybe rashy? But he doesn’t seem actually bothered or extra screamy, so for now I’m not going to cut anything, and I’ll make sure to ask the pediatrician when we go in for his two-month appointment. (Also, we were both super gassy the past couple days. I don’t know what I ate, but whatever it was went straight through to the milk and into Ambrose. Goodness gracious. He farts like a grown man.)
Loves: Eating. Silly faces, trying to imitate me sticking out my tongue at him. Turning his head to the left (sigh). Kicking his legs. Staring at the Gobbi mobile and
Dislikes: Uh…recently? Being held/being in the carrier. He doesn’t relax against my chest, which worries me. But I guess I should just stahp. (Step away from the Google, Emily!) After all, I was the kid who would stick my arms and legs out straight to avoid being put in the Snuggly when I was little.
Milestones: Ambrose has been smiling a bit more, and kicks up a storm when he’s under his mobile. He hasn’t found his hands yet though, and doesn’t turn toward sound. Sigh. I’m worried about my buster. But he’ll come around when he’s ready.
Speech: Lots of assorted noises (including one we term as “whale song”). One of the first things the Early Intervention evaluators said when they visited was that they liked what they were hearing from him, so I guess his random utterings are actually coos and the first workings of communication. Cool!
Baby Gear Love: Baby K’Tan carrier, BumGenius Newborn All-In-One diapers, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, the octahedron and Gobbi mobiles from Montessori. And as of today, the bell on a ribbon!

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