Baby Ambrose: 3 Month Update

Three months! Ambrose has officially made it out of the Fourth Trimester (and so have I!). Our little dude has skillz galore, and I’m starting to get pretty confident in my handling of him as well. I’m so excited to see how he develops between now and my next update!

Ambrose at Three Months: The Stats

Weight: 14 pounds, give or take an ounce.
Length: 26 1/4ish inches. Still mid nineties percentile-wise. This kid is loooong.
Diaper size: BumGenius One Size All-in-One, second rise, four snaps in on each side, but we’re sort of between sizes and transitioning to three snaps in. During the day there are no leaks when he’s snapped up like that, but at night it’s a different story.
Clothing size: Still 0-3 months, but he’s rapidly growing out of the size, length-wise. He has about three sleepers that fit right now. I’m in denial and haven’t purchased anything new yet.
Nicknames: Bub, Bubsy, Bubsie-Bubs
Health: Ambrose is doing awesome overall. He’s completely off oxygen now, and his two-month shots went great. He turned bright red, screamed, and then fell asleep in just about the length of time it took to read that. I was actually looking forward to him being a bit sleepy and clingy from the shots, but it turns out they didn’t affect him at all, minus one giant spitup from the oral vaccine he got. No fever, no nothing. When you’ve kicked the narcotics habit at two weeks old, you can handle anything, I guess. Other concerns? Ambrose has torticollis and has been referred out to an infant PT for help resolving it. Unfortunately, there was a huge snafu because the PT we were referred to required us to be enrolled in a public program and because we were already enrolled in the Screening and Monitoring program, our SAM checkup appointment was cancelled. (Very frustrating — it was cancelled Friday afternoon via voicemail when the appointment was for Monday morning, so there was no chance to get it fixed.) His appointment with the physical therapist isn’t until the middle of May, so in the meantime I’m just trying to gently keep stretching his neck. Also, we’re struggling hard with eczema, but luckily so far it’s a cosmetic issue and only bothering me, not Ambrose.
Sleep: At the last check-in I’d ordered The Natural Baby Sleep Solution in an attempt to try and fix all our sleep problems. While I can’t say everything’s perfect in our house (sigh) the book has truly been a revelation. I put Ambrose down 90 minutes from every wakeup and he’s generally out within 5 minutes, with minimal struggle. That said, his naps haven’t really lengthened — they’re still consistently 40-45 minutes, with the occasional longer/consolidated nap thrown in here and there to keep me on my toes. I’m hoping he’ll continue to lengthen his naps now that he’s a bit older. Nights are still fairly meh. He goes down great between 7-8 p.m., and if I give him a dreamfeed when I go to bed around 10:30 he’ll last another 3ish hours. Then he’ll usually last until 4 or 5 a.m., at which point I feed him again and snooze with him in bed. (Ssh, don’t tell.) He’ll wake up anywhere between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. Or, if he’s really feeling feisty like he was earlier this week, he’ll refuse to go back to bed after his 5:30 a.m. feeding. Fun times.
Diet: Three months of successful breastfeeding! I think I really got lucky with Ambrose, given his time in the NICU. Now he’s such a pro that he doesn’t really like to take the bottle…oops…
Loves: Exaggerated chewing, weird noises, being sung to, his lion toy, his rattle, the bell on a string, the Christ Pantocrator icon painted on the dome of the church, the author portraits above the head of the bed, staring intently at his hands.
Dislikes: Being in the carrier when he’s not awake, loud sneezes, being left in The Cave a.k.a. the bathroom to sleep. We’re working on Tummy Time.
Milestones: Ambrose has really emerged this month. As of this past week he’s found both his hands (he was all about the left hand for a few weeks there), he grabs at things, he sticks his hands in his mouth, he’s smiling a lot more and has even had a couple giggle-fest with me (though with him it’s more like a huh-huh-huh fest). He’s already accomplished many of the milestones on the ASQ-3 4-month questionnaire, and basically I feel really really good about where he is. The only worry I have is that he doesn’t really bear weight on his legs, but that’s something we can work on.
Speech: More assorted noises. I try to chat with him a bit every day and sometimes he gets really into it. The other day he closed his eyes and went “Oooo!” and it was pretty much the most hilarious thing ever, and he’s started chatting with himself in the car while we’re driving. This kid, man. I love him.
Baby Gear Love: Keekaroo changing pad (one of the only places he tolerates Tummy Time, and it wipes clean if he wees on it!), Baby Merlin’s Magic sleep suit (can be hit or miss, but overall I love it — we’ve gotten exactly one 9-hour stretch with it).

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2 thoughts on “Baby Ambrose: 3 Month Update”

  1. So delighted that Ambrose us progressing in his life journey.
    You have already learned so
    Much about our wondrous bodies
    And their capacity to heal and do the right thing .
    Continue to be a proud mama and
    Express your concerns loudly but
    With grace, when snafus occur!

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