Baby Ambrose: 4 Month Update

Well, here we are at the four month mark. Now I’m starting to feel like time is flying by. We’ve got neck control, we’ve got giggles (er, shrieks), and before we even know what’s happened, I’m sure, we’ll have prom dates and college. If it means I get a full night’s sleep for once, I’ll take it.

Ambrose’s personality is really starting to shine. He’s a serious, observant dude like his father, but at the same time he’s also pretty happy. And he’s chill like me — he’s totally fine doing his own thang while I get work done around the house or make breakfast. I guess I won’t sell him to the circus after all!

Ambrose at Four Months: The Stats

Weight: 15 1/2-ish lbs

Length: 26ish inches…which hasn’t changed from last month? I’ll be interested in seeing what the official measurement is at his 4-month appointment in a few weeks.

Diaper size: BumGenius Freetimes, second rise, four/three snaps in — so, a bit asymmetrical but hey. The kid doesn’t complain.

Clothing size: 3-6 months.

Nicknames: I don’t know that this one is going to change all that much. Bubs, Mr. Ambrose, etc. I also call him by his full name a lot.

Health: No complaints here, really. Still dealing with a rashy baby, which I keep at bay with regular coatings of Aquaphor. The initial PT appointment for the torticollis isn’t until next week, but I’ve been doing neck stretches on Ambrose after each diaper change, and it seems to have mostly resolved itself? We’ll see what they say at his evaluation!

He also hasn’t started bearing weight on his legs, so I’m glad we’ve got the PT appointment coming up and can start working on that. Hopefully we can get him walking before he hits middle school.

Sleep: Okay, you are now entering a judgment-free zone, full of rainbows and unicorns and cotton candy. You there with me? K. I started sleep training via extinction on Saturday night, entirely by accident. So far, it is going swimmingly.

See, here’s the thing. When I started putting this post together on Saturday, this is what I wrote:

“LOLLLLLLL what is this sleep you speak of? We’ve officially hit the 4-month regression. In fact, the past month has not been great — ever since the start of Leap 4 when he decided that sleep was for chumps and it was time to start actively resisting naps and bedtime. A taste of life: two nights ago he woke up every hour. Every. Single. Hour. Last night was a bit better, except for the fact that he slept for a half an hour after I put him down for bed and then didn’t go to sleep for another hour and a half after that. I’d love to sleep train him, but our circumstances just aren’t right at the moment. The apartment situation is weird, and we’re traveling so much in the next three months that there’s literally not even a two-week stretch I could do it in. We did get a DockATot to provide a consistent sleep location during said travel. It came yesterday, so I don’t have too many opinions on it yet, but since I’ve been co-sleeping more and more with these sleep troubles, it at least provides a safe space for him. Naps honestly haven’t been too bad in the past couple weeks. He’s been pretty consistently consolidating his first nap of the day into an hour and a half.”

Saturday night, during his second wakeup, I hit a wall. I couldn’t soothe him back to sleep, and I wasn’t going to let him eat, because I’d just fed him an hour and a half earlier. My attempts to rock him down were getting more and more desperate, which only woke him up more. I was sobbing and distraught, and my mind was going to very bad places.

So I gave up. I put him down and let him cry until he fell asleep. And you know what? He was out in twenty minutes. And he slept for 4 1/2 hours, until the sun woke him up at 5:30 a.m. It was the longest stretch we’d gotten in weeks.

I’ll do a post later on detailing all of this, but I’m so happy with how things are going. Tonight, Night #2, he went to sleep after just ten minutes of crying*. I realize that it’s a really, really crappy time to begin sleep training — we leave to go house-hunting in Alabama tomorrow afternoon — but I literally couldn’t handle the weeks and weeks of no sleep I saw ahead of me. Call me weak. Call me cruel. But you know what? The picture of Ambrose at the top of this post was taken after he’d cried the last fifteen minutes of a nap today. Kid still loves me, I think!

Diet: Still just the milk of the breast. If there’s one thing we’re struggling with it’s distracted eating, but that’s not the worst thing ever.

Loves: His taggy blankie, the Skwish, the wooden balls-on-rope toy, having a balloon tied around his ankle, playing peek-a-boo, sucking on his hands…many loves these days!

Dislikes: Sleep? Especially if it’s not in Mom’s arms.

Milestones: Ambrose rolled back to front and front to back this month! Admittedly, both events were probably flukes, because he hasn’t really repeated them, but still. It’s fun to see. We also got our first real giggle out of him, which is actually a girlish shriek. It’s pretty hilarious.

Speech: Ambrose loves to chat when he’s going down for his naps. Other than that he’s a bit quieter, but they say that’s a Leap 4 thing. I do try and get in one good chatty interaction with him each day, though.

Baby Gear Love: Hopefully the DockATot! Taggy blankie, Skwish, Munch Mitt.

*Which, don’t get me wrong, SUCKS. But I’d read up on everything the week before actually starting, and the book I’m basing the plan on, The Dream Sleeper, explains that crying takes the form of waves, or like a roller coaster — it intensifies and gets better as baby attempts to soothe himself. Then it intensifies again, and gets better again. So the cries are pretty manageable when you can analyze them. Also, I was once stuck in the car on the way home from the grocery store with a very angry and over-tired Ambrose. He fell asleep on his own, after around 20 minutes of crying. So I picture it like that. He did it once. He can do it again. And there’s always the fallback of giving him SO MANY SNUGGLES when he wakes back up!

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