Baby Ambrose: 7 Month Update

What a month it’s been! We closed on our house, got our household goods delivered, unpacked everything, and then spent a week in Indiana. And just like that, Ambrose turned seven months old. Is time really going to keep moving this quickly? Can’t I just hit the pause button? (I say that now, as he’s contentedly entertaining himself on the floor with a rattle. There are definitely times when I want to press the fast-forward button and just move past all the temper tantrums and power struggles that are only beginning!)

Ambrose at Seven Months: The Stats

Weight: As of just a few days ago, 17 lbs 7 oz. Bro still hasn’t doubled his birth weight, but he’s staying on his curve, so I’m not worried.


Diaper size: Still on size 3’s during travel, and fiddling around with rise and things on the cloth. Not too much has changed, though. (Also, he’s in a disposable here because I’m planning on bleaching the diapers sometime today…sometime.)

Clothing size: Starting to move up to 6-9 month outfits. His sleepers are really getting snug, but we’ve got some replacements on the way.

Nicknames: Bub, Bubs, Bro, Sir, etc.

Health: Because I don’t know where else this goes AMBROSE HAS TWO TEETH. Like. Within the past week. And the third is on its way. I was in denial he was teething for so long that they just emerged and I had to face the facts. In all honesty, he’s been handling teething super well. No real crabbiness, only a minimal amount of drool. Maybe some sleep disturbance? Also, I have failed to tell you which teeth: because he’s a real weirdo and insists on doing things out of order (see: pooping before birth) he got the top left first, then the bottom, and the top right is on its way in. I’m guessing it will be out by the end of the week.

Eczema is sooooo much better. We’ve been “aggressively moisturizing” as per the pediatrician’s instructions, and I think the Alabama humidity has also done wonders for his skin.

Helmet followup is today (I’m writing this the day before publishing, so no, I’m not some miracle driver-typer) so we’ll see what’s going on with his noggin. I’m hoping it’s improved enough that he only needs the helmet for sleeping.

Still waiting for his referral to physical therapy, which is frustrating. I scheduled the appointment for the referral the day after we got in to Alabama and the pediatrician took two stinkin’ weeks to actually write it. And then another week for it to come through, and then the PT place needed some more paperwork from the pediatrician, who was on vacation until Monday…It just stinks, because Ambrose’s last PT appointment was over a month ago, and I’d really like to get him back in to work on the gross motor delay he’s got going on.

Sleep: Grumble. Nights are pretty good. 0-1 wakeups per night, with a couple nights of 2 wakeups recently, which I’m blaming on the teeth thing. Naps have been poopy, but here’s the thing. Ambrose is out of his Zipadee Zip and off the Dockatot. And in a bedroom that doesn’t get completely dark. We just installed blackout curtains and his first nap this morning was almost an hour and a half, so I’m hopeful. I’ve also been giving him the blanket aunt Becca knit for him (YES, I KNOW) and he really seems to have taken to it as a lovey.

Diet: Milk, AND — we finally started solids this month! Ambrose still takes a little time to warm up to new foods, but by now he’s totally fine with butternut squash puree and seems to be coming around to raspberry-peach. He also likes toast and pizza crusts (ha). I’m really enjoying making him gourmet purees from the Little Foodie book.

Loves: Stealing glasses and eating them, lying on his back and kicking, experiencing the world via his mouth, visiting Mirror Baby, selfies.

Dislikes: Putting on PJ’s, naps longer than 25 minutes, getting things taken away from him.

Milestones: He’s a super roller now, though he still doesn’t really connect his rolls. Teeth, obviously. And he’s started babbling…see below!

Speech: We have babbles, as of two weeks ago! He started with mamamama (which I’m trying to respond to so that he understands who mama is) and is maybe close to some other sounds? This morning I swear I heard bababa from him.

Baby Gear Love: Oh, let’s see. We’re loving Becca’s knit blanket. And both the TrippTrapp high chair and the weaning table and chair (from Amazon, but I can’t remember the brand) have been great to have. And a shoutout to Baby Foodie! The butternut squash puree with cardamom and coconut milk is fantastic, and I like the strawberry-peach puree so much that I’ve actually flavored my yogurt with it. Hey, if the kid doesn’t want it, give it to me.



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  1. This sounds like a movie. The way you have written this, well you can actually see it as if you are there! Well put.

    Keep the updates coming! Can’t wait to “see” and hear more🎈🎈

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