Baby Ambrose: 8 Month Update

Another month down, huh? Things are finally starting to get less chaotic in our lives, which I’m probably even happier than Ambrose about. The past month has brought a lot more mobility, a load of sleep struggles, and more joyous moments than anyone can even count.

Ambrose at Eight Months: The Stats

Weight: 18 lbs 8 ounces. Hey, I think that’s spot on for doubling birth weight! Finally!

Length: 27.5″, according to my very accurate (not) measuring technique. That drops him down to the 39th percentile for height, so it will be interesting to see what the pediatrician tells us at our next visit.

Diaper size: Same snaps as the past few months — second rise or whatever, four in on each side. And yaaaay, we’ve really been enjoying the solid poops. Not. I’ve been experimenting with standing diaper changes because Ambrose is fond of the “alligator death roll”. He’s still not quite stable enough to stand the entire diaper change (supported by the toilet, of course) but he’s getting there.

Clothing size: 6-9 months, and already the sleepers I got last month are starting to seem a bit snug. Darn it! This kid just keeps growing. I don’t get it!

Nicknames: Bub, Bubby, Bubba, Sir, Sweets, Mr. Sweet Potato.

Health: We finally have a “normal” baby! Meaning — no oxygen, no PT, no helmet! We got word at the helmet follow-up last month that his head shape was almost completely corrected — just 1% off on one of the measurements, and the doctor said there’s no reason to drive all the way up to Atlanta multiple times just for that small bit of correction. His head looks pretty darn good. As for PT, we finally got an evaluation and he’s doing great! The torticollis is also almost completely gone, and though Ambrose is still slightly behind with crawling, the evaluator didn’t find any cause for concern — he’s definitely on his way — and told us that he really doesn’t need physical therapy anymore. Hooray! Hooray! As for teeth, four are very much in (the last two arrived within the same two-week time period as the first two, phew) and maybe more are on the way? I just don’t know.

Sleep: Oh, sleep. This past month sleep went from crummy to desperate to okay to seriously bad. This little dude has entered Leap 6 and his sleep has suffered for it. Or he’s teething. I’ll say it again…I just don’t know. The first half of the month nights were fairly solid and I was lamenting the fact that he would only nap for a half hour at a time. Then, within the past week or so, his naps really started to lengthen but night sleep went out the window. Can’t we find a happy medium, please? I think I’m going to have to re-sleep train, but I’m trying to figure out the best time. We have nine days left in this Leap, so I’m holding out hope that nights will correct themselves naturally.

Diet: Milk and some solids! I’m afraid we have a picky eater. Or I’m not trying hard enough. Meh. But some favorites have been banana-coconut-chia pudding, peach-necatarine-plum puree, Thai beef and broccoli puree, and peanut butter toast.

Loves: Baths, animal noises, playing tug-of-war, being tickled, standing on the armchair and looking outside after eating.

Dislikes: Getting out of the bath, sleeping at night, trying new food.

Milestones: Ambrose has gotten so much more mobile within the past month. It’s incredible to compare videos taken just two weeks apart. Before, he was doing his side-flop crawl very slowly, but now he can really scoot around to where he wants to go. And within the past few days, he’s started lifting his butt into the air and getting onto his arms a bit. I have a feeling actual crawling isn’t too far off…which means that maybe I need to actually baby-proof the house!

Speech: More miscellaneous babbling, etc. Some yelling. Recently his favorite noise is an inhale that sounds like he’s having trouble breathing. Oh, kid.

Baby Gear Love: Have I expressed my love for the Yi Home Camera? It’s been great as a monitor. I’m also a huge fan of the Schliech animals I picked up for Ambrose at Toys R Us. I miiiiight want to go overboard and get them all.



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  1. Oh goodness, the weird inhale sound! Henry started doing that last month too and I was so worried. Glad to hear Ambrose is healthy and well these days!

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