Baby Ambrose: 9 Month Update

Hey, nine months into this crazy parenthood thing! Which means, believe it or not, we’ve almost reached the point where Ambrose has been an outside baby longer than an inside one. (Not quite, though, since he was clinging to my ribs pretty darn hard and refused to arrive on schedule.) Ch-ch-ch-check out all we’ve been up to this month.

Ambrose at Nine Months: The Stats

Weight: 18 lbs 6 ounces…hmm… That’s the official pediatrician weight, and, well, I’ll get into it later.

Length: 28 1/4″

Diaper size: No snap changes, though I do wonder if I should experiment. But then, why change what’s working for us?

Clothing size: 6-9 months because someone is too indecisive about buying new baby clothes. I really do need to start sizing up to 9-12.

Nicknames: Bub, Bubs, Bubby, Bubba, Sir, Sweets, Mr. Sweet Potato, Dearest.

Health: Tooth count is up to five as of the past week. We’re still working to get rid of the stubborn cradle cap, but a friend recommended Aquaphor, and it seems to have worked really well. Still healthy as an ox, physically — no colds or nothin’. Ambrose was just evaluated for Early Intervention again this week (we’re only doing it as a precaution) and the second evaluator put us very much at ease as to his abilities. It sounds like he won’t be eligible for the program. Neat!

Sleep: I don’t really want to get into this lest I ruin things by even entertaining the thought that we’re in a good spot but…we’re in a good spot! Finally! I dropped night feeds this past month, and Ambrose now sleeps 90% consistently through the night. The key seems to be giving Motrin before bed. Naps are also pretty decent — not super consistent, but if one is long the other will be short, and vice versa. They seem to cap out at an hour and 15. Whatever. He’s sleeping, so I’m okay.

Diet: Solids have really taken off this month, though Ambrose still prefers purees to actual pieces of table food. (With the exception of carbs. He’ll gnaw on toast or pizza crust all day long.) It’ll come, though. The one thing I’ve been worried about is his milk consumption — he’s cut his nursing time drastically. That’s why I’m a little concerned about the weight thing. But he’s not dehydrating himself. And he can also drink water out of both the shot glass and a straw sippy cup, so there are other ways to get liquids in him that don’t involve a fight.

Loves: Rocking, baths, getting on his knees, LAMBY.

Dislikes: Being ignored, napping, getting boogers picked out of his nose, new teeth.

Milestones: Ambrose is so stinking close to crawling that it’s killing me. This morning he managed to crawl just a little bit by dragging his knees along with him. He gives up after just a few “steps” but then gets up again. He’ll be a pro in no time. He’s also started pulling up on things, thanks to some rigorous Saturday training. Oh! And he waves now! Which is more like a hand flap but is so so cute!

Speech: Babbling is pretty much limited to mamama. I’m still trying to decide if he knows my name or just likes that sound in particular. He also moans and whines a lot. It’s…not fun.

Baby Gear Love: Wubbanub is true love within the past week for Ambrose. And he’s starting to get interested in the Pikler Traingle G-Pa made for him!




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