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New Stuff: Levi’s 711’s, Tulip Lace Soludos, and Birkenstock Mayari’s

soludos and levisHi people. For those expecting a cool new blog post this morning and landing at this pre-updated page, I apologize. Clearly scheduled posts are not any way for me to get my act together.

But here I am, writing my post, and all is well. Besides, it’s not like I have hoards of fans awaiting my every post. So there’s that.

Anyway. I got a few new wardrobe items recently. The jeans, to replace my ripped-knee J.Crew Toothpicks, the Mayari’s (Mayaris?), to replace an old pair of Everlane sandals, and the Soludos, because I wanted a more summer-friendly black flat. So here’s my lazy-short review of each piece: Read more

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Getting Warmer

Summer TuesdayBoy, where has time gone? Two months ago I wrote about my re-tooled experiment in minimalism. Remember that? The capsule wardrobe? All planned out?

Well, now it’s hot. That’s right–it’s hot. Mid-seventies, give-yourself-spring-fever, Vegas-style-March hot. Not exactly weather for wearing sweaters and ankle boots in. Read more

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Review: Everlane’s Pima Stretch Tank

everlane pima stretchGuys, it was time for a wardrobe update. You know those little holes you get at the bottom of t-shirts when you’ve been wearing them for too long? They look like they were caused by an attacking zipper in the washing machine? (Jean hardware is really to blame, here’s your proof.) Well, my undershirts were riddled with them. I had three that I would rotate between: one black, one white, one grey. All hole-y.

So I took the plunge and ordered some Pima Stretch Tanks from Everlane. Yes–one black, one white, one grey. All XS.

So here’s my quick product review: Everlane has made a deal with the devil, apparently, and can do no wrong. These shirts are fantastic. They’re thin, but substantial enough that I can wear them on their own. They cover up my bra straps fantastically. And they have enough length to them that I’m not constantly pulling them down as I was with my previous undershirts.

That’s really all I have to say. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Oh, and those shoes that I’m wearing? Those are my Everlane Modern Loafers. As predicted, the blister they caused upon first wearing went away, and now I’m left with a fantastic pair of shoes.

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The Everlane Trench: A Review

trench derp pose
So, I finally got my Everlane trench exchanged for a size smaller. I was a bit worried about how it would fit on me, because Everlane doesn’t have petites and I am petite lady, but as it turns out, it’s great. Read more

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Everlane Haul: A Review

I feel very silly writing about my new clothes, but given that my blog has one to two visitors a day, it shouldn’t really matter. Just talkin’ into space, people! (Someday, though…someday.)

I wrote previously about my New Experiment in Minimalism, AKA my Dress Like I’m Going to Paris, Even Though I’m Not wardrobe. At that time, I’d just purchased three new tops from J.Crew and was waiting for my Everlane order to arrive.

Well, it arrived. And here’s what I think of everything, for the benefit of anyone considering purchasing any of the items I got.
Read more

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A Wardrobe Update

Monday 1 OutfitI have this love-hate relationship with fashion. In some ways, I love it. I love putting together great-looking outfits, I love looking polished, I love searching and saving up for the next item to perfect my wardrobe. (Sometimes I wonder if this is me trying to make up for my lack of fashion sense in earlier days.)

Read more

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A Raw Deal

Viper X001's - Before

I e-mailed Railcar Fine Goods on Friday to ask about the shipping status of the Viper X001’s I had ordered the week before and received my answer within a couple of hours: they were supposed to be shipping out that day, as soon as the waistband was sewn on.

Folks, they were making my jeans from scratch. This company is the best. Read more

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A Few of my Favorite Things

Getaway hoodie, andie chino, and linen tee

Well folks, at this point I can only curse J. Crew for making such perfect-fitting pants. And tops. And shoes. And–

Oh. I don’t think I’ve ever explained my unrequited love of everything J. Crew on this blog before, have I? (Is unrequited the right word? Because I’d say my love is requited in the wonderful clothes I get to wear.) Well here it is: I am madly, desperately in love with everything J. Crew. And to prove it to you, I’ll review three pieces I just ordered for my new Minimalist Wardrobe. Read more

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An Experiment in Minimalism

Spots and Stripes

I came across an article online last week week. Here, I’ll find it for you. Alright, here it is, a CNN article about a Canadian pilot who, for some reason or another, has decided to go for a year wearing only ten items of clothing.

And I immediately thought, “Oh yeah? Why can’t I do that?” Remember how I waxed poetic about my hatred of girly drinks? No? Okay, here’s the article, go read it. Basically, I think we American women need to push our palates to accept drinks that are more than just variations on the vodka-and-syrup theme.

I feel the same way about fashion. Read more

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