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Friday Roundup for Week 17

Nice stop bro
I got a kick out of this. We were all fully stopped at this light. Even this dude, sitting in the smack dab middle of the intersection. Yikes.

Yo, yo. Holy Week in da HOUZZZZZ. Jesus-bro in da TOOOOOMB.

Okay, now that I’ve just committed some massive sacrelig, let me tell you about my week! The In a Nutshell is that it’s been busy, mostly because of Holy Week’s 2x daily services, plus the fact that Las Vegas has decided to simultaneously rip up every single last one of its roads. Good times. Topic of conversation around here mostly revolves around how difficult it is to get to church.

But anyway, all the frustration will disappear as soon as TOMORROW NIGHT gets here, because PASCHA, amirite? I’m considering doing a post on the joys of Orthodox Easter on Monday, but I don’t know. I don’t like to open myself up to vulnerability.

While I decide, here’s the roundup: Read more