Day 11: A Bit of Progress!

See that? That’s what I get for wearing a high-contrast shirt to visit Ambrose. He was more interested in the stripes than in gazing into Mom’s eyes!

Anyway, our buddy made a bit more progress homeward today: as of 5:30 p.m. his PICC line is out! Meaning that he’s now receiving all his nutrition through the NG tube. His oxygen flow is also down to 2.5. It’s not zero, but it i a step in the right direction.

We’re still struggling with breastfeeding, but today he did get a few good latches. The key now is getting him to hold on and suck! Last night I spent the night in a room in the NICU to visit him during each of his night feeds; unfortunately, it didn’t really come to anything in the end. A couple times he was too asleep to want to nurse, and the other times we just didn’t get a great latch or anything. And I didn’t sleep very well to boot.

On top of this, I think I now have thrush on my left side. It just gets better and better for me, right? But I’m not going to let this defeat me, darn it. In spite of all the setbacks, we are still trying! The lactation consultant says Ambrose’s progress is encouraging.

Emotionally, I’m feeling much better today, which is a relief. Aunt Kristen and Uncle Quinton are in town visiting, so we took a trip to Uinta Brewing for a tour of the brewery. Unfortunately, Salt Lake City got quite a dumping of snow, and our tour guide was stuck up in Park City, so the tour turned into us trying every single beer they had on tap. Fun times!

Although, I do have to admit I got slightly weepy once today when I was telling J how the mom in  Love You Forever is a bit of a stalker, sneaking into her adult child’s bedroom via ladder (!) to rock him to sleep, and then remembered the end of the book, when the son rocks the mom to sleep in her nursing home. Gosh, I’m getting choked up just typing about it now. What’s wrong with me? 😉

Anyway. Here’s hoping for more great progress tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Day 11: A Bit of Progress!”

  1. Ahhhhh I love that book and it makes us moms cry! You hang in there newbie and know that all the hard stuff you are going thru is HARD but not beyond you. The prayers of the faithful are with you and all the emotions are very normal except the part where you are in a NICU with your firstborn that’s extra so keep praying, writing and holding your beautiful son because he will start latching on and you will be bringing him home.
    Love and prayers

  2. I couldn’t even read through my tears towards the end of that book and my son was staring at me like I was a crazy person. Glad to see all the progress Ambrose is making!

  3. Emily, I just read your blog from your fondant cake to yesterday! What an interesting and enlightening read!
    We are SO happy for Ambrose’s progress and I can only imagine what you and Jared are going through!! I was blessed to never go through what you have except “overdoing it” the first time and mastitis the 2nd. I pray God will give you and J strength and healing for YOUR body AND Ambrose’s and emotional strength for ALL of you and family!! Will be so glad when you are all HOME!! 💕 Marlene and Rich Hooton

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