Day 13: Lower Oxygen + More Troubles For Mom

Ambrose had another good day today; I did not.

The positive first! I haven’t been in since 3 p.m., but as far as I know, Ambrose is down to a 1 flow on his oxygen, or should be soon. They first had to lower him to 1.5 just to make sure he would tolerate it, because a 1 flow means a new nasal cannula — not the high-flow one he’s been on. Exciting stuff!

We also had another really great feeding session at 11 a.m. He seems to be improving every day, which makes me super excited. However, at the 2 p.m. feeding session, he just wouldn’t wake up. So that was a bit of a fail. I’d called up the LC to be able to brag, and…nothing.

As for me, I’ve got another high fever and some incredibly painful plugged ducts, again on the left. I’m not exactly sure what to do at this point. I’m on an antibiotic, so the fever shouldn’t be occurring, right? But there’s no localized redness like mastitis…if I can just keep the fever down and work the plugs out on my own, that would be fantastic. But I’m worried. What if I really do need to go to the ER again? I hate going to the ER, is the other thing. It feels like such an unnecessary thing. It’s days like these that I really wish I was back in Vegas with my familiar military providers.

But anyway. Prayers for my health would be appreciated. I feel like it’s just been one thing after another since last Wednesday. I’m so happy my little guy is doing so well, but at the same time…can’t I just catch a break too?

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10 thoughts on “Day 13: Lower Oxygen + More Troubles For Mom”

  1. Have you tried a hot shower and expressing the milk? My daughter had to do that. It worked well. I’m praying for you and Ambrose looks amazing. He’s my little super star…I look forward to the updates before bed! Lol! Hang in there…you are doing an amazing job!! Rest!!!❤

  2. Stress might be the main problem for obvious reasons.
    If you can do it walk as much as possible.
    My daughter has sepsis so I at least have an idea of what you are going through.
    My wife and I have been praying for you and your family.

  3. Hey you! It’s kellybean from TB! I have been following your updates and I’m SO so sorry that you’re having so many challenges. Praying for you and a speedy recovery, friend! <3

  4. What antibiotic are you on? Historically, we did not cover for MRSA when treating for mastitis but there are documented cases of MRSA mastitis so you may need a different antibiotic.

  5. Ugh, I’ve had trouble with plugged ducts on the verge of mastitis (fever was pretty low, so I’m guessing it hadn’t taken that turn) — perhaps the docs/nurses at the NICU, or some patient life staff can recommend a local OBGYN or CNM that could see you while you’re in town? I bet they’d know someone caring and helpful! <3

  6. Have you had an LC check you flange fit size while pumping? The wrong size could prevent good emptying. ( I am an LC and LLL leader in the South Bend Area and saw your posts through friends on facebook – hoping for the best!

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