Day 14: Mom Gets Rest

Today marks two weeks in the NICU. I know it’s not the worst thing in the world — some folks spend months here — but it’s really wearing on me. Have I said that enough already? 😉

This morning I went in to try nursing again. It went great, for the most part! But then I tanked and had a bit of a meltdown during rounds — the fever from last night still hasn’t subsided, though thankfully most of the pain has. Luckily everyone was super understanding and told me that I needed to go back to the hotel and get some rest. Ambrose is on autopilot, they said. He’ll continue to heal while I heal myself. Which, of course, is difficult. I just want to be near my little guy at all times. But I took their advice and have been chilling in bed the entire day.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with an OB at University Hospital to try and figure out what’s going on with my fever. I’ll be glad for that. I’m also hoping that I feel well enough tomorrow morning to try nursing at 11 a.m. That seems to be our golden hour.

As for Ambrose, he’s doing great, as always! I was wrong about the flow yesterday — they actually switched him down to a 1 and put the new cannula in today. They also did a hearing test on him, and everything is totally fine. Hooray!

Which brings up another point. I think — and I may be laughing at myself for saying this in a month or two — but I think we’ve been blessed with a child who has an incredibly calm temperament. Ambrose just seems to take whatever life throws at him. He’s not much of a fussy baby (unless he needs his diaper changed), and really enjoys being held. His neighbor, who’s actually moved now, was a huge screamer, but that didn’t seem to affect him at all.

Of course, my impression of him could be affected by the fact that I’m not his primary caregiver right now. We’ll see how he is once we take him home! Still, all things considered, I think we lucked out on this one. Now if only we could get him home to learn his little personality even more…

P.S. Sorry for the terrible quality of the photo. It’s actually a still from a video. Cute though, right? Check out that new cannula!

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14 thoughts on “Day 14: Mom Gets Rest”

  1. Hi Emily! So Gladys to heard of Ambrose improvements! Yay! For hearing test coming back normal. Definitely important to get you all well! It is good to know you will see an OB tomorrow to figure the source of your fever. Please rest!

  2. He sure is a cutie! Now you need to take care of yourself Emily! I’m sure it’s very difficult to be away from this little guy, but he needs his momma well. Take care and know that you are all in our prayers and loved much!

  3. Love the picture, Emily. I pray for you and your beautiful baby boy every day. I understand wanting to spend every minute with Ambrose, but do take care of yourself. You had a long, difficult delivery just two weeks ago (and have been under a lot of stress since then) and need rest in order to heal/build back your strength. Our baby Elna has been back in the NICU (this time in isolation) since last Friday with RSV. Andy and Jackie trade off days and nights staying with her. Praying you will all be home soon.

  4. The picture is great. He looks like he is smiling. Wonderful to hear that his hearing is okay. When my David was in the NICU I did not stay at the hospital. We lived about an hour away depending on the traffic. Some days I didn’t even get into see him. I was able to stay home and recover even though I had a 2 year old at home. I also had my mom for a few days and then my two high school age sisters helping me at home. Take it easy and get your strength back.

  5. Kellybean1988 here! He is SO, so precious. That picture, what a dashing little guy!!! So glad you are able to get some rest, and I hope you get the cause of your fever figured out. Thinking of you and praying for you as always!! <3

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