Day 17: Taking the Car Seat Test

Today we tried out the car seat! As I wrote yesterday, the goal was to keep Ambrose in there for an hour without his oxygen stats dropping. J and I were at an organ recital in the tabernacle while they performed the bulk of the test (they even fit the straps to him, how handy!) but I managed to get back in right at the end and take a few shots of him in the seat. He was very hungry and also soiled, hence the slight tantrum. But I don’t blame him. I also get very angry when I’m hungry.

We’re also continuing to work with Ambrose on bottle feeds. His main problem is that he tends to fall asleep after two ounces or less. It’s tough work when you’re not receiving food directly into your stomach, I guess! So for now we’re here until he gets stronger and/or less sleepy. I’ll give him a pep talk when we go up there later tonight. He seems to respond well to those 🙂

He’s got similar issues at the breast. He actually switches really well between bottle and breast (not in one session — we haven’t tried that, but we don’t want to exhaust him) but poops out after about 10 or 15 minutes. Yeah, it sure is cozy and warm on Mom’s chest!

Another interesting piece of our day: we watched the infant CPR video, which came with a blow up practice doll complete with a chest that clicks when you compress it and an airway to breathe into to inflate said chest. I’m actually really happy they’re making us do it as a condition of our release. I’d wanted to take an infant CPR course pre-birth, but wasn’t sure where to go and sort of ran out of time. Now I know all about what to do. (Jiggle the foot and say “Ambrose! Ambrose!” Yell “Somebody help me!” Yell “You! Call 911!” Do 30 compressions and two one-second breaths, and repeat as needed.) That said, I sure hope I’ll never have to use this knowledge.

Anyway. Tomorrow is another day of healing, and another day closer to going home.

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