Day 18: Talks of Home?

This is just a shot of Ambrose getting his cares done. Cares are where they check a bunch of stuff on him: tummy circumference, blood pressure, temperature, chest noises, etc. It’s a good way to wake him up a bit when he falls asleep in the middle of feeding.

Speaking of feeding, we’re doing great on both bottle and breast. As of this morning the percentage of oral feeds was up to 47, and we expect that number to be even higher tomorrow. We’ve really been working toward getting Ambrose to take as much by mouth as possible. Which does mean that feeding him takes time, because of the aforementioned sleepiness issue. But we’ve got tricks up our sleeves. Burping usually works well, as does a good mid-feed diaper change.

Also, pep talks. Today as I was feeding Ambrose his post-breast bottle I told him all about the fun stuff that awaits him back at home (including his choice of multiple girlfriends at church, along with a big older kid to act as his body guard ;)) and he didn’t fall asleep once. And I don’t know if this was just the nurse trying to boost his spirits and get him to take more of his bottle, but she mentioned maybe taking the NG tube out tomorrow…

As for the official doctor’s view on when we’re coming hime, we talked with her this morning about possibly transferring Ambrose back to a NICU in Vegas so we could be closer to home, and she said insurance probably wouldn’t approve it, because we’re actually so close to being released. If we were looking at another month or two, maybe. But she thinks we’ve only got about a week or two left. And then she said, “I certainly hope you’re not here two weeks. I hope I get to be the one who discharges him.” The doctors work in two-week shifts; she finishes up next Friday. I would love for her to discharge Ambrose. I would love to be done in a week. Or less! Please, less!

But I think we still have a few more days of figuring out feeds. Even if his NG tube comes out, they’ll want him on oral feeds for several more days, just to make sure he’s still gaining weight and thriving. So, in the meantime we carry on and look toward the horizon.

P.S. If you’re wondering why his mouth and the cannula is all purply, it’s because I’ve been using gentian violet to combat the thrush I’ve been dealing with. It sure does stain everything, just like everyone warns. But it seems to be doing the trick? I think? We shall see.

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