Day 19: One More Tube Gone

So apparently Nurse Nancy wasn’t kidding around when she told Ambrose we’d try taking the NG tube out today. It came out at ten o’clock this morning! Which means that all we’ve got left on him is…well, okay. The cannula, a foot thing that checks his oxygen saturation levels, and two leads on his chest to measure his heart rate and respiration rate. So he’s still pretty wired, meaning that moving him from his crib to the chair remains a bit of a hassle.

But! The NG tube is out! That is tremendous progress! This means that he’s no longer on scheduled feeds…which means that I spent a lot of time feeding him today, and my pumping schedule is officially out the window. But it’s good. I’m so happy to actually get the chance to feed him on demand, even if that means he spends fifteen minutes snacking on me before falling asleep and waking up an hour later ready to feed again. This is good! This is what having a newborn is like, I think!

We’re also giving him a bottle too, as needed. He tends to want an ounce or so even when he’s done with me, which is fine. We’ll figure everything out when we get home. The sooner he can demonstrate that he’s gaining weight, the sooner we can bust out of this place.

Also, Ambrose lost his umbilical stump today. He is officially an innie 🙂

The big excitement of the day? Discovering that someone had walked off with my pumping bag.

Let me explain. I carry a backpack around with the entertainment I rarely use (books, journal, etc), as well as my ID and other things. I also carry around a Ben and Jerry’s tote with a picture of a cow on it. Irony, get it? That’s where I keep everything I need to pump: bottles, labels, pumping pieces, snacks, ear buds, heat packs, etc. Nothing in there is valuable, but everything is important to me.

I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping the tote underneath the coat rack at the entrance to the NICU. Because again — nothing in there is valuable. It’s all just pumping stuff. But today, apparently, someone decided they wanted it anyway? I’m not sure. Maybe they thought the bag was cool. Which is fine, they can have the bag. They can even have the earbuds. And the snacks. But all my pumping supplies!

We ended up getting security on the case, who reviewed the surveillance footage and found the perp. Apparently the person belongs to another NICU family. The bag still hasn’t been returned, but luckily the nurses on the floor were able to give me a new pump kit and even had security get into the Lactation office (closed on Sundays) to get me the custom-sized flange I needed. The bottles and labels are always easy to get from the Mother’s Milk center, so those were also easy to replace. As for the snacks, well…I just had to make do with the vending machine right outside the pumping room today!

Needless to say, I’ll be using the lockers in the NICU from now on. It’s sad that it’s come to that, but I’m not about to let this happen again. And all things considered, I’m still calling today a tremendous success. Ambrose is feeding well, and thriving. And that’s all we could wish for.

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5 thoughts on “Day 19: One More Tube Gone”

  1. How exciting to have the NG tube gone. I remember the hassle it was to hold them when they have all the wires and tubes. It is so nice when they are hooked to less and less things. Thanks for the update. Sorry about your things being taken. That is just plain frustrating. Praying for all of you.

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