Day 20: The Best Sentence Ever

“I think we’re going to have to let you guys go soon.”

Ambrose is three weeks old today. We’ve come a long way in those three weeks, and have been given a lot of good news. The ventilator came out. The umbilical line came out. The PICC line came out. I got to hold him. He was off all sedatives. The MRI came out normal. It was time to start breastfeeding…

But those words, spoken by the neonatologist during rounds this morning, formed truly the greatest sentence we’ve heard in our twenty days in the PCH NICU.

We might be going home. Soon. As in, tomorrow or the day after soon, depending on how quickly we can get things sorted out with Tricare and the medical supply company providing Ambrose’s oxygen.

Which means that today saw us wrapping up a bunch of loose ends. Ambrose had to be registered in the military DEERS system for insurance to release him (meaning Dad had to take a trip to the nearest base), we had to make his first pediatrician appointment, we had to do another car seat test (3 hours long, because he’s going home on oxygen), we had to meet with someone to figure out the oxygen system…etcetera, etcetera.

But! There’s a light at the end of this long, long tunnel! We are about to bust out of this joint!

Which has me simultaneously thrilled and terrified. A bit like this timeless Saved by the Bell GIF:

Thrilled, because dude. I finally get to take my son home after three weeks. I get to carry him around in all my myriad wraps and carriers, I get to take him on my favorite 3-mile route around downtown, I get to dress him in all his cute clothes and stick him under the high-contrast mobile that’s especially perfect for his limited newborn vision…and as for me, I get to be home, with all my stuff, eating all the food I made sure to freeze in advance, feeding Ambrose whenever he wants, sleeping next to him in his Moses basket, and being his mom.

Terrified, because holy cow. I’m about to be placed in charge, 100%, of a newborn. What. It’s about to get very sleep-deprived up in the Huffman house. And as much as I thought I had stuff figured out before Ambrose was born, I officially know now that babies don’t follow any sort of rules. They do their own thang. And I’m going to have to learn to live with that.

Mostly though, I’m thrilled. It’s time to move forward with our lives, and get Ambrose back home where he belongs.

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21 thoughts on “Day 20: The Best Sentence Ever”

  1. As a nanny, I tell all my new Moms: GO to sleep when your baby goes to sleep. Leave dishes, laundry, socializing and writing. You will wake up before the baby since he needs more sleep than you. Then you can tackle your needs with a rested mind and body.

  2. So happy for you Emily and Jared. Will you sleep tonight? Grandpa will probably be dancing around laughing and crying for joy.

  3. Wooohoooo! Answers to many prayers! I have loved your blog and hope you keep it going….i want to become a parent too and i feel encouraged by your stories and endless information. Many blessings and love to the huffmans!

  4. Welcome to the land of no sleep! I’m so thrilled you’re going to get to bring him home. It’s been a long journey filled with loads of prayer.

  5. Best update ever! I’m so happy your family of 3 is so close to going home. Ambrose has defied all odds that were set against him. Amazing!

  6. I am so excited for you and Know God will enable you to be flexible to learn and grow right along with Ambrose and your hubby! God has wonderful blessings as you walk with Him! He is always faithful. Praising the Lord for all He has done!

  7. Dude, you’re gonna do great 🙂 As a now two-time NICU visitor with one baby, the transition is crazy at first but after about a week of being on pins and needles wondering if he is still alive in the next room, you will make the transition and it’ll be like you’ve had him the whole time in your family. Congratulations to both of you 😀

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