Day 9: The Joy Of Breastfeeding

Okay, that’s an ironic title to this blog post.

Because actually, things went pretty terribly when I tried to feed Ambrose today. There was a whole lot of thrashing and screaming, and not a lot of sucking. Very discouraging for me, seeing him all worked up and unable to do anything about it. He’s really going to have to work on his suck.

The other thing is, by the time I’d gotten rested up from last night’s ordeal (more on that later), headed over to the hospital, and Ambrose was ready for his next feeding, it was 4:30 and all the lactation consultants were gone. The nurses tried to help me out, but things just didn’t work out great. There were many tears on my part. Here’s hoping things to better tomorrow.

Other than that, Ambrose is still chugging along. The nurses gave him another supplemental dose of morphine last night, which…meh. The good news is, we’ve worked it out so that now the nurse practitioner will have to approve any additional morphine. We don’t want our baby to suffer, obviously, but we also don’t want him on the morphine longer than he needs to be.

One final thing on the Ambrose side of things: we’re a bit concerned about his hearing. The doctor said this could be due to the positive pressure from the O2 causing fluid buildup in his ears; we’re hoping it’s that and nothing more serious.

On my end, last night was fun. I went into Urgent Care to get an antibiotic for the mastitis and they ended up sending me over to Emergency for IV antibiotics. Except that once I was over there they decided not to do that, but that they didn’t like how high my heart rate was. So I did get an IV in the end, and received two bags of fluid for dehydration. Yay. We got back to the hotel at around 1 a.m. I have been downing water ever since.

Overall, I’ve just been feeling very discouraged today. The breastfeeding issue, plus the mastitis has me feeling utterly down. But I’m trying to keep in mind how far Ambrose has come. This is a temporary roadblock and we will overcome it!

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4 thoughts on “Day 9: The Joy Of Breastfeeding”

  1. I”m with Laura. B-feeding can be tough, but get a really good consultant. I’m guessing they will get serious with Ambrose. I remember a rough shoving of a little mouth to get things going. Long days for you. You are doing what you need to! Keep on keeping on. So glad to hear he is doing well.

  2. Don’t give up! Do whatever your heart is telling you and let your motherly intuition guide you. Your doing a great job! Keep reminding youself….this too shall pass. Hugs to you !

  3. Mastitis often happens when we have to use a machine or the baby doesn’t suck well. Keep working on it and try to relax. Smile ,sing , pray…etc. He’ll get the hang of it,he just needs time☺

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