Everlane Haul: A Review

I feel very silly writing about my new clothes, but given that my blog has one to two visitors a day, it shouldn’t really matter. Just talkin’ into space, people! (Someday, though…someday.)

I wrote previously about my New Experiment in Minimalism, AKA my Dress Like I’m Going to Paris, Even Though I’m Not wardrobe. At that time, I’d just purchased three new tops from J.Crew and was waiting for my Everlane order to arrive.

Well, it arrived. And here’s what I think of everything, for the benefit of anyone considering purchasing any of the items I got.

Chelsea Boot

chelseas bedI’d been ogling over these online for quite some time, but had never had a pair of boots similar. So when they arrived and I tried them on, I was like, ehhhh… But that was mostly because I was getting used to seeing the style on myself, I think.

chelseas fullTwo days of wearing them, and I love them. They fit true to size, don’t hurt my feet at all, and work well with both my jeans and my Pixies. And I’m assuming the black dress and skirt purchased last month, but I haven’t tried it out yet.

chelseas on

Modern Loafer

everlane modern loafersThis was another ehhhh… moment, but again, after giving them a shot, I now love these shoes. When the high schooler at church whose fashion sense you’re secretly envious of compliments you on your new shoes (both pairs, actually!) you know you’re on the right track.

loafer outfitAs with the Chelseas, these fit perfectly on my size-seven feet. One of my reservations at first was how pointy and long they seemed, but that’s just a minor style quibble I got used to fairly quickly. They have been causing me a bit of grief in regards to breaking them in, but that’s to be expected with any pair of shoes, right? Right? In any case, they’re gorg and I’m intending on keeping them for years to come.

shoes irl

Luxe Sweater Cardigan

cardigan irlAfter a bit of deliberation, I opted for this sweater over Everlane’s cashmere version. I was a little worried about it though, because the the website makes it sound like the fabric is sooper delicate.

Cardigan outfitAs it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. I’m wearing it right now, and I can say that for a fact. It’s sort of see-through, yes, but it’s also sturdy and lovely. I think it will actually make a good go-between item for summer, as well. (Because, yeah. 110-degree temps outside doesn’t mean it’s not going to be air-conditioned to arctic status indoors.)

As for the review of the cardigan, I have only positive things to say. The size small fits me great, skimming the top of my thighs, etc. And it’s got pockets! Who doesn’t love pockets?

Everlane Trench

Stay tuned for a review of this one. I ordered a size small, but it ended up silly big on me, so I sent it back for an exchange. The style is great, though! And the fabric is a little crunchy. They say it’s weatherproofed. We shall see.

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