Friday Roundup for Week 1

blooming succulantHappy Friday, err’body! Welcome to your first Friday Roundup on the EmilyIRL blog. What is a Friday Roundup? It’s a miscellaneous cobbling-together of everything I’ve done in the past week. Why does it matter? I don’t know. It doesn’t. But sometimes I just really want to share recipes and movie recos and stuff. So, without further ado:

What I Read

  • I re-started Moby Dick. And boy, has it been going ten thousand times better than before. I’m only holding myself to one chapter a day, which means that I’ll be done sometime in April, but guys? I am super enjoying the book now. What a relief. I thought I’d missed something. (Wait, I had. I’d missed actually reading the words on the page.)
  • I started Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell. A delightful expanding of the fanfiction chapters in Fangirl, it reads sort of like Harry Potter, only darker and not like HP at all. So there. I’m biding my time until the end of the book, because I know there’s going to be a romance and I just.can’t.wait.
  • I also started my N Dropcaps book, which is Five Children and It by E. Nesbit. It’s…well, okay. Meh. There seriously wasn’t a better author whose last name started with an N? In any case, I’ll review it as soon as I’m done. This one calls for a ginger beer.

What I Ate

  • I whipped up a batch of this excellent, excellent Smoked Salmon Dip from TheKitchn. I’d meant to make it at Christmas, but, well. I got overwhelmed, okay? More for me, I guess! It would go great on bagels, too.
  • I finished making this Cream Cheese Danish Bread, also from TheKitchn, also excellent, excellent. This I did manage to make on Christmas, but only two loaves of three. Hence the finishing of the making of it. And the eating of it, soon. NOM.

What I Watched

  • Well, Melancholia. It had been on my to-watch list for quite some time, and it was gorgeous, but also…eh. I’m sorry, but Kiersten Dunst’s character was just an absolute nutcase. My watching companion making fun of it the whole time certainly didn’t help, either.
  • I also got back on track with Jane the Virgin. Which always ends up making me go “OMG NO!!!!!!” at the end of every episode. And, yep. This one was no different. (Hint: concrete pourer.)

What I Wrote

  • Just a couple of Uproxx articles so far, as my editor is in Columbia (the lucky duck). I wrote one piece about a crazy upscale McDonalds in Hong Kong, and another about the “new” Starbucks drink (which is really just a Caramel Macchiato without the caramel, in my very informed coffee-snob opinion).
  • I’ve also jumped back into revisions of Ahab Rehab/Unanchored/whatever I’m calling it today. Full speed ahead with the new year! I’m hoping to have it wrapped up by the end of the month. Then, eep! Beta readers and QUERIES!

What I Learned

  • I started Duolingo Russian. Can’t say I’ve learned much though, besides some basic letters that fly out of my head as soon as I finish a lesson. Yay.

What I Accomplished

  • Ooh! Good one, Em! I started back in with KonMari’ing my house again, finally (!) organizing this rat’s nest of an office area I had going on. It’s gorgeous now. I’ve got my paper clips and my Post-It notes and everything else all sorted into little tea tins. I just got the gorgeous new Marie Kondo book in the mail yesterday, but I’m not letting myself read it until I get this one project that’s been hanging over my head for some time OUT DA WAY.
  • I’ve also started digitizing every scrap of paper in the house, in accordance with 30 Before 30 goal #17. The first thing I did was scan all the notecards I saved from my 2010 Save All the Notecards project. The takeaway: boy, I never want to plan a wedding ever in my life again, ever. Ever.

Until next Friday! Stay warm and don’t do anything I wouldn’t. (Boy, I need a tagline.)

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