Friday Roundup for Week 12

Believe it or not, this sunset was actually ten times more gorgeous IRL.
Believe it or not, this sunset was actually ten times more gorgeous IRL.

Alright alright alright! Life’s been good around these parts. Nothing specific. I guess I’ve just had a productive week, and productive = success = happiness in my weird little book. Or maybe it’s just that I’m still enjoying Great Lent. (How can you not, when you get to sing Pascha songs at choir practice? Eeeeee! Is it May yet?)

What I Read

  • Oh, so much. I’ll lump all my picture books together. I don’t have much to say about Smick or Bear and Hare Go Fishing, because I’m not that into early readers. But I reallysuperenjoyed A Wonderful Year, just because it was simultaneously wacky and sweet.
  • As for graphic novels, I swooned over Awkward, which isn’t even romancey, but the situation about the main character becoming friends with the kid she was mean to on her first day of school made me feel all the feels. It was just so sweet.
  • I also read Tomboy which was oh so challenging and makes me worry about the messages we send to kids about gender roles. Kids can be so mean to each other sometimes. Anyway, I love that this is a YA graphic novel, so hopefully the young’uns can start thinking about this stuff early.
  • I just started We Have Always Lived In the Castle! NO SPOILERS PLEASE, but I’m thinking there’s something odd going on with the uncle. And that the sister might have been responsible for…some sort of awful tragedy. The main character is 18, so I’m counting it as one of this month’s YA’s, even if it isn’t technically. It’s been on my TBR list for ages.
  • Fever, 1793! (Told you there was a lot.) So good. Such peril. Aah. And I loved the main character’s growth. That last scene, waking up before dawn and making coffee…why can’t it be winter again? Just kidding, I’m happy summer is on its way.
  • Current Moby Dick status: they just killed another whale. I think? Yeah, they did. (This is their third whale–the second one was old and rotty and sunk before they could do anything about it.) Tomorrow we get a close-up of the spout. Fun times.

What I Ate

  • Um. Tryina think. Well, I made that avocado toast I put up on Wednesday. And I put together some sad vegan nachos, made with refried beans, salsa, avocados, and tortilla chips. Did I write about that last week? Dunno. I’ll put up that recipe next week.

What I Watched

  • Mad Men season finale. All the feels. Aside from that, I’ve been so busy!

What I Wrote

  • On day 23 of #continuouspractice and still on track to reach my goal of 75 revised pages for Semester 6, Packet 2.
  • I also went down to my local brewpub last Friday night and banged out as many words as I could before the flight I was drinking kicked in! It was very much of fun. I’m definitely going to have to repeat, although probably not today, because I have an invite to hang out on a patio with brewskeys this afternoon. Woo.
  • A favorite Uproxx article I wrote has to be the roundup of chefs talking about the ingredients they think are overplayed. I also wrote up an interview I did with the founder of Student Loan Hero, who has a radical idea about saving money: find a remote job and move overseas. I can back up the wisdom behind that statement. After a year of living in India, we saved up enough money to buy a car with cold hard cashmoney.

What I Accomplished

  • I haven’t talked much about how my Heart Rate Training is coming, and I don’t think it deserves to take up a whole post, but–it’s going well, it seems! I’m up to 40+ seconds of jogging before I get up to 75% MHR and need to walk it down to 60%. And my walking seems to be improving, too–it isn’t sooper slow anymore, and it usually takes less than a minute for my heart rate to come down. All good signs that the training is working. I’ll be running marathons before you know it.

Anyway, so that was my week in a nutshell. I’m headed out to a conference next week, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the Friday Roundup. Maybe I’ll find a spare moment to update. Hopefully. This is my first conference, though! Wish me luck. And fun. Fun and luck, plz.

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