Friday Roundup for Week 14

That's Carrie Brownstein in front of me--the highlight of AWP, possibly. She's even cool IRL. I didn't approach her because what do you even say to a celebrity? "I love you and you're cool!"?
That’s Carrie Brownstein in front of me–the highlight of AWP, possibly. She’s even cool IRL. I didn’t approach her because what do you even say to a celebrity? “I love you and you’re cool!”?

Just like superstitious hotels, this blog doesn’t acknowledge the number thirteen. (Not for superstitious reasons though–I was gone last Friday, and didn’t feel like rounding up Friday on Monday. And MY BLOG MY RULES.)

This week really flew by. It’s always difficult to get myself back into the swing of things post-travel, but all things considered, it’s been fairly productive. Other than the fact that I can’t seem to keep my eyes open. And my heart rate training progress seems to have reverted. :/

What I Read

  • Let’s see. Once Upon an Alphabet was delightful. If I ever have kids*, this one is going on the bookshelf for sure. An Octopus + Owl sleuthing team? Yes, please.
  • Read My Friend Dahmer, a graphic novel written about the author’s experience growing up with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. It’s a tough read to stomach, but also very well done. So take that as you will.
  • Finished We Have Always Lived In the Castle! It wasn’t nearly as supernatural as I thought it would be. Just…eerie. And sad.
  • I gulped down Out Of My Mind last night. I had serious problems with the writing (continual tense changes, flat villain characters, didactic, outdated references, way too much telling before getting into the story), but I kept reading. So I guess that’s something? One of my classmates did her graduate lecture on writing characters with disabilities and apparently had some trouble with this one. I’m going to listen to it today–I’m so interested to hear her perspective on the book. It just seems like it was rushed to publication because of the important subject matter.
  • One chapter of Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend down. Sooooo excited to leap into Pyke’s winged arms, but I have so much work to do today that I’m not letting myself just yet.
  • Current Moby Dick status: I’m a few chapters behind because of the weekend and this morning’s liturgy, but…poor Pip.

What I Ate

  • Nothing fancy. I fried up some nutritional yeast-coated tofu and made a nice sandwich out of it yesterday. Probably have that for dinner tonight or something.

What I Watched

  • Garden State, for the first time since college. You know what I hate? This: blah BLAH blahKnowing what I do about the MPDG archetype, the movie is a bit difficult to watch. Yes, it’s got several delightful moments. But it just wasn’t as great as I remembered.
  • Another episode of Mad Men Season 2 down. Poor Peggy Olson. And also, what’s with Trudy’s giant skirts? Seriously, lady. You’re a walking cupcake.

What I Wrote

  • Still rockin’ the #continuouspractice, although I don’t post pictures on social media of my progress as much. But as long as I’m plugging away, I’m satisfied. That said, I need to work a bit harder. The words just aren’t coming out this month. Maybe it’s because I need a solid marathon day with the story, or maybe it’s because I’m stuck in some boring scenes. I’ll figure it out though.
  • As of this writing, I’m down ten Uproxx pieces for the month and am hoping to get three more out today. I’m intentionally working a bit harder these first three weeks of the month so that I can go into Holy Week (!!) with just one long piece to write. But it’s 12:49, and my eyes are already drooping (I really think I have a health issue going on or something–I can not seem to stay awake)(and no, it’s not pregnancy if you’re wondering) so I’m going to have to get things in gear here. Just as soon as I finish this. And work out, too.

What I Accomplished

  • “I’ll be running marathons before you know it.” That was the last thing I wrote on the Week 12 roundup. Well, guess what? I just found out that The Oatmeal’s Beat the Blerch 10k/Half/Full Marathon is coming to Las Vegas in October. Noooo, I’m not going to be* signing myself up for the full, but the half? Definitely. Why? Because cake, couches, and freaking Matthew Inman himself. Forget the color run–this is going to be the greatest marathon event in the history of marathon events.

*Some days I feel more hopeful than others.
*Future tense here is because registration hasn’t opened just yet. But you know I’m checking for it every day.

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