Friday Roundup for Week 15

Monday was what I called a Goldilocks day: not too hot, not too cool, not too humid, not too dry, and just enough clouds to make the sky interesting.
Monday was what I called a Goldilocks day: not too hot, not too cool, not too humid, not too dry, and just enough clouds to make the sky interesting.

Yo yooooo. Friday again? Yes, believe it or not. Here’s the roundup.

What I Read

  • Aside from a couple picture books I don’t feel like going over, I’ve mostly just been savoring Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend. It almost feels like the Manic Pixie Dream Boy version of Stargirl. Only, I’m happy to say, I like this a whole lot better.
  • I’ve also been reading my way through Haroun and the Sea of Stories, my R Dropcaps book. I wasn’t that impressed with Luka and the Fire of Life, and I’m feeling similarly meh about this one. I think I just enjoy Rushdie’s adult novels more–the ones written for younger readers are just a little too precious for my liking.
  • Current Moby Dick status: We are measuring the length of the whale’s skeleton, and comparing vertebrae to pool balls and marbles.

What I Ate

  • This delicious coconut milk-lentil dish!
  • This delicious buckwheat pudding!
  • And actually, it’s worth mentioning–I’ve been eating really well this week. I recently rediscovered Steven Pratt’s SuperFoods Rx which sounds as gimmicky as all getout but is a good way to force yourself to eat a crum ton of fruits and vegetables. I made a chart with checkmarks based on the recommendations he makes in the book. It’s pretty fantastic.
  • And, um. Lest you always think I’m #winning as far as my cooking goes, let me assure you: sometimes things go terribly wrong. Like when you put sweetened freaking coconut cream in your yellow thai curry dish. I’m stubborn enough that I’m still eating it, but it’s very sad indeed. Curry-flavored rice pudding, really. (Speaking of that yellow curry though, stay tuned–I think I’ll write about it on Monday.)

What I Watched

  • Mostly just Mad Men. I’ve had a slight issue with motivation this week. One episode left of Season 2.

What I Wrote

  • I bailed on #continuouspractice two days in a row this week, so it’s back to the beginning for me. (I think? Is that how it works?) I dunno. I haven’t been feeling as into this piece lately. But it’s the 15th now, which means revisions for the month start tomorrow, and I love me some revisioning.
  • Some Uproxx work. I got to try out making that Raindrop Cake for an article! It took…several tries. (Most recent try currently chilling in the fridge. We’ll see!)
  • This morning I’m chatting with the couple behind Away Lands. I’m super interested in what they’re planning to do and how they’re planning on doing it. But I hate phone interviews, so wish me luck!

What I Accomplished

  • Like I said. I’ve been having some motivation issues this week. But I went to Presanctified Liturgy on Wednesday, so that’s gotta count for something, right? 🙂
  • Currently back in the running to achieve 30 Before 30 line item #30, at least for now. Good thoughts appreciated.

Anyway. That’s the week. Next week should be about as busy as this week was, and then–eek! It’s Holy Week! (Heh. That rhymes.) Take care!

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