Friday Roundup for Week 16

Last Friday, my favorite coffee shop teamed up with Zappos to offer free coffee + pastries for Tax Day. Hollaaaaa!
Last Friday, my favorite coffee shop teamed up with Zappos to offer free coffee + pastries for Tax Day. Hollaaaaa!

Hi all. Apologies for my posting delinquency this week. No good reason for it, other than the excuse of not being able to come up with anything to actually write about.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting week. My writing in general has suffered, because I’m having trouble concentrating on anything, for just…reasons. But it’ll resolve itself, surely. In the meantime, here’s my roundup:

What I Read

  • Only a bit more of Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend. Nothing new to report on it, really.
  • Only a bit more of Haroun and the Sea of Stories, as well
  • Current Moby Dick status: Queequeg was on the brink of death, but then he remembered some unresolved business on shore and made up his mind to live. Tied for my favorite chapter yet!

What I Ate

  • Try #2 of that yellow Thai curry turned out fantastic. Hooray! Oh, whoops–that’s what I was going to write about last Monday. Well, stay tuned again, friends. I’ll make sure it happens this time around.

What I Watched

  • Some Mad Men, some 30 Rock…and some Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!! Kimmy’s back! Just writing that title out gets the song stuck in my head. But I love it, so it’s okay.

What I Wrote

  • #continuouspractice is a thing of the past. Whooooops. Gonna hop back on that bandwagon today, though. Yep. Today. Day One.
  • Moar of Uproxx. I mentioned my interview with the couple behind Away Lands, which was actually delayed until this past Monday. They’re very friendly and cool and I want to be just like them and travel!! Hah. Really, though–I’m starting to not hate phone interviews as much. So that’s definitely a growth point.

What I Accomplished

  • Well, let’s see. I did the laundry on Monday. Or was it Tuesday?
  • I bought new pants! And a couple new pair of shoes! Max fun.
  • I’m trying to wean myself down from the caffeine peak I’m at right now. Well, it’s not that high–generally 1 cup of coffee and 1 cup of tea per day–but the less I’m addicted the better, right?
  • Oh, I re-started a weights routine. Yeahhhh I’m giving up on the Heart Rate Training for now. Anyway, apparently it’s been too long, because all the things hurt. Blah.

So, there we have it. My week in a nutshell. I really will get back on track next week. Really. Promise. (Also, it’s HOLY WEEK! Church 2x a day! Pascha celebration at 2 a.m. on Sunday! Eep!!!!!)

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