Friday Roundup for Week 17

Nice stop bro
I got a kick out of this. We were all fully stopped at this light. Even this dude, sitting in the smack dab middle of the intersection. Yikes.

Yo, yo. Holy Week in da HOUZZZZZ. Jesus-bro in da TOOOOOMB.

Okay, now that I’ve just committed some massive sacrelig, let me tell you about my week! The In a Nutshell is that it’s been busy, mostly because of Holy Week’s 2x daily services, plus the fact that Las Vegas has decided to simultaneously rip up every single last one of its roads. Good times. Topic of conversation around here mostly revolves around how difficult it is to get to church.

But anyway, all the frustration will disappear as soon as TOMORROW NIGHT gets here, because PASCHA, amirite? I’m considering doing a post on the joys of Orthodox Easter on Monday, but I don’t know. I don’t like to open myself up to vulnerability.

While I decide, here’s the roundup:

What I Read

  • I’ve been reading Montessori From The Start, which is really an interesting and wonderful book. You mean I can have a kid and not have my house overrun with blinking, singing toys and baby bouncers and exersaucers and Bumbos and and and? Not that I’m judging. Or, I’m trying not to. Those things just aren’t really going to work for my lifestyle. I mean, don’t get me wrong–it’s going to be tough, involved work following the Montessori way of raising up an infant, but it seems legit. After all, a kid is basically something you can experiment on, right? 😉
  • Current Moby Dick status: Oh, there’s some sort of a storm going on. Yup.
  • Did I also mention I’ve been reading Mere Christianity as part of my Lenten effort? It’s very nice. Just a chapter a day provides some good food for thought. The marriage chapter especially was excellent. A good reminder of why I’m still married 🙂

What I Ate

What I Watched

  • Just a little bit of Mad Men. Between all those services and trying to finish up my Uproxx work for the month, I’ve barely had time to do anything else. But! Creepy Mr. Francis touching Betty’s belly! Helloooooo, future husband. (Even though it’s my first time through the show, I do know a little bit…from Googling too much…)

What I Wrote

  • Really just some Uproxx stuff. Um, let’s see. A school in Chicago got 100% college admission of its seniors for the seventh year in a row. Exciting. Fast food is shrinking. Yep. LOOK I NEED IT TO BE MAY SO I CAN GET BACK ON TRACK. But here’s a soliloquy: I really shouldn’t be beating myself up too much. Sure, life is a little hectic right now. But I’m still getting the things done that need to be done, for the most part. Yeah, I’m behind on my reading and even on my writing, but next month can and will be better. I haven’t derailed my life so badly that I’m sitting under an overpass smoking meth. Yet.

What I Accomplished

  • I went to a lot of church services. That’s surely an accomplishment.
  • Also, I think conquering the pressure cooker counts. I should actually sub that out on my 30 Before 30 list for some of the stupider ones I’ve been meaning to take off. (Like Make Baklava. Who even wants to do that? I’ve heard you have to roll out the pastry so it’s paper-thin, and that takes up the space of like, a dining table. If I want baklava, I’ll just go to the commissary and get it from the deli.)

So, yep. May looks to be a promising month. Got some exciting things coming up that you’ll hear about later on. How’s that for a tease? I’m also excited to get started with Kaia classes. One of my good friends from church is one of the coaches at the Las Vegas location and convinced me to try it out a month or so ago. Of course it was addicting, but I never signed up because I’m lehm. And then this week classes were free for errbody, so I went and loved it again, and finally pulled the plug. It’s going to be great. But you’ll hear more about it from me later.

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