Friday Roundup for Week 22

Texas, I tell you what. It's like a whole different country down there.
Texas, I tell you what. It’s like a whole different country down there.

Hi mom! Long time, no blog, huh? It’s okay. I’ve been on hiatus, and I can let myself say that, because this is my blog and I do what I want. I say that a lot. I think because I secretly-not-so-secretly know it’s not okay.

But really, it is! And now I’m back, and I’ve got a brand spankin’ new organizational system I can rave about, and EmilyIRL shall resume as normal.

What I Read

  • Not going to catch you up on the past month, but I will say that I. AM. DONE. WITH. MOBY. DICK. I conquered the whale and have emerged alive! Would I recommend it? Ehhh. But I’m glad I got through it. The ending really is tragic and leaves a lump in the throat.
  • I really and truly enjoyed Walk on Earth a Stranger. I like to call it Oregon Trail fanfic. Yeah, someone dies of cholera, but in the book you know about the person, and how tragic it is! There’s death in childbirth, there’s leg amputation. There’s magical gold-seeking and tame 1800’s peck-on-the-cheek romance! I can’t rave enough. Not a Dropcap, but if I had to pair a drink with the book, it would be cowboy coffee. AKA coffee with the grounds still at the bottom.
  • I also read Uglies last week, which I didn’t love as much. But it was a dystopia before Hunger Games came around, so, interesting at least. Lotta hoverboarding.
  • Just binged my way through Exit, Pursued By a Bear today. I had a few minor quibbles early on–a lot of hissing and replying and mumbling when “said” would do, and I thought Hermione’s boyfriend needed at least some redeeming qualities, but all in all, wow. I couldn’t put it down. Talk about a powerful story. I know it’s dumb to say that, but really. I was so satisfied with the ending.

What I Ate

  • Mmmmmm oh! I got this bean dip seasoning packet, maybe from Bush’s? Just blend it in with black beans and voila! A delicious black bean dip. I’ve been noshing on that when I get hungry, which is ALL THE TIME.
  • I also made jar Cobb salads, which have been fantastic to have on hand. Use this tutorial from TheKitchn if you’re curious. I think next week I might check out this steak salad. Nom nom nom. Salads all day err’ day. (And, oh boy! It’s going to be perfect, because I have leftover bleu cheese, leftover cherry tomatoes, and new potatoes I haven’t used up yet!)
  • Two words: chocolate lasagne. Thank you to my priest’s wife for sending me an extra couple portions home after the Memorial Day bash they held.
  • Also, it’s popsicle season. Can’t get enough.
  • AND! AND! Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream!!! Sooooo good. I’ve been stealing bites on the reg from my pint of Peanut Butter and Cookies.

What I Watched

  • Finished season 3 of Mad Men yesterday, which led directly into today’s Season 4, Episode 1 viewing. Fun times. Things are sad now that Don and Betty have split. I mean, not that they weren’t sad before, but you know.
  • Thoroughly didn’t enjoy Sixteen Candles. Sorry to those of you who remember it fondly, but it’s just chock full of awful racism, sexism, and rapey-ness. Really not good. I wasn’t even convinced by the love story. “Oh, this girl I know absolutely nothing about says she would sleep with me. Let me spend the rest of the movie pursuing her from a distance. Our relationship will be perfect when we do manage to meet at the end.” Ew.

What I Wrote

  • Le sigh. I’ve essentially abandoned #continuouspractice. But! But! I did manage to pound to the (almost! so close!) and of my 20,000-revised-words, end-of-May goal. Having fun with the story, and that’s all I can ask for.
  • I had to push through to the end of the month with my Uproxx writing on Monday and Tuesday, but for the life of me I can not remember what I wrote about. Oh! Nitro coffee at Starbucks! (Not til later this summer, sorry.) And I put together a piece summarizing the workings of a 19th-century candy machine and got just the nicest comment on it. Really made me feel good about what I do. (I’ve recently been seeing my comments in the dashboard panel of the site I go to for article assignments. It’s fun to be able to see, all in one quick go, what people are writing. Easier for me to interact that way, too.)

What I Accomplished

  • I did the Murph on Monday. Woo. (And by “the Murph” I mean a half a Murph, without the 20-pound weight vest, and with all the modifications for weakling me.)
  • I discovered and then promptly created a Bullet Journal. More about that fantastic awesomeness on Monday. Yes! Monday! I’ll even schedule the post so I feel obligated to write it, and then let it publish blank! Go me.

Next week promises to be bi-zee (you’re supposed to read that with emphasis). As if this week hasn’t already been busy, with blood draws and two-hour music research studies and failed dentist appointments and failed hair appointments and hopefully successful hair appointments and dinners and more dinners. Phew. I’m tired just thinking about it.

But I’ll get through. Better to be busy than not, I suppose. It keeps me occupied, for sure.

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