Friday Roundup for Week 23

IMG_7916Yo, yo. Where did this week go? I told you guys I had a new organizational system, didn’t I? Look at me now. I’m unstoppable.

What I Read

  • I’ve slowly been reading through the Drop Caps U book, The Wreath. It’s set in 13th or 14th-century Norway, which is nuts. Just a really cool look into how things were back then. (It was actually written in the early 20th century, so it’s historical.)(Obviously, otherwise it would be way more dry.) Right now the main character, Kristin Lavransdatter, has just entered a convent for a year because she doesn’t feel like getting married to her betrothed, and because she’s sort of unreasonably at the center of scandal back in her hometown. Poor Kristin.
  • I started Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass this week, which has been pretty much depressing through and through. It’s about a girl who moves to a new school and starts getting bullied by a girl she doesn’t even know. Her grades are starting to suffer, but she doesn’t feel like she can tell anyone about what’s going on. Cue Emily getting depressed. I really need to pick up a light, fun romance after this.
  • And speaking of books that make me depressed, Where Things Come Back. I really enjoyed it, but again–heavy subject matter. Seriously. Let’s get something cheery in me.

What I Ate

  • So I made a bunch of steak salad jars, but I haven’t been enjoying them as much as I did the Cobb salad. I think I’m sick of spinach, and there’s not quite enough dressing…I dunno.
  • I also threw together a pot of one of my all-time favorites, Mexican Vegetable Soup, and have been enjoying it for dinner every night since. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This soup is packed with flavor. And, heh, spice, if you accidentally throw too much crushed red pepper in. (Ooh, I bet it would be fantastic with a dollop of sour cream that I don’t have any of right now.)
  • That pizza in the photo! I made that! It’s supposed to be a heart made out of pepperoni, but baking broke it. Oops.
  • Remember how I wrote a piece on nitro coffee last week? Well, I was intrigued enough that I had to try it for myself. One of the local donut spots serves Stumptown nitro, so I picked up a glass. (And of course I had to get a donut or two while I was there. Heh heh.) Emily’s Quick Review: pretty to watch, but meh to drink. It just tastes like cold coffee.

What I Watched

  • Slowly watching through Mad Men Season 4. I think I’m only 2 episodes in right now, because, well…
  • Because there were two episodes of The Bachelorette on this week. I’m ashamed to say I’ve joined a bracket. But I’m mostly slaughtering–I’m in second place after three rose ceremonies. I’m considering writing a piece on the ridiculousness of these shows, but maybe I should just keep my thoughts to myself on this one. The abridged version: using sound clips out of context to hype episodes and create drama. I’m guessing Chad whistled exactly twice, and they’re recycling that stupid whistle as he “stalks” his way back to the house the guys are at. Seriously. Seriously.
  • Silence of the Lambs, just because I’d never seen it before. I enjoyed it–very suspenseful. I didn’t have trouble sleeping afterwards, though I did have a terrifying dream involving women killed by an infestation of insects in our building, but that was partly because of being woken up by a fire alarm at 2 a.m.
  • How to Marry a Millionaire. Really irreverent and silly. When I say I need something light to read, that could also apply to movies, too. Just a great rom-com. This one doesn’t exactly fit the bill, unfortunately, but it was still fun. Marilyn Monroe is a fun actress.

What I Wrote

  • I’ve been a little lax with my personal writing this week, but today I did manage to pump out about 1,000 incredibly terrible words. This is the part in my draft where things start going off the rails and I lose my focus. So that’s…fun.
  • For Uproxx, I wrote a long piece full of hilarious Duolingoisms. The next day I got an e-mail from a PR person for another language-learning person asking me if I want to give their product a try. Um, not really. Sorry. I’m a Duo-hard. Or something like that. (Duolingotee?)

What I Accomplished

  • Killing the Bullet Journaling. Yessss.
  • I got twelve vials of blood drawn on Tuesday! That’s not really an accomplishment, but it’s something worth noting, right?
  • Um, I also dusted the house?

Next week I’ve got some family visiting, so that will be nice. Monday and Wednesday’s entries should be as per usual, but we’ll see if I can remember to pre-schedule a Friday roundup. What use is it if I round up Saturday through Tuesday, anyway? Mehhhh.

I’ve really been slacking on my Thirty Before Thirties lately, and should probably get back to that. Bitters, that could be fun. And there’s a pho place that just opened in our building. And I’ve found a new outlet for all my failed food projects, so I could start in on the macaron-making.

We’ll see. Life is crazy. But it keeps moving.

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