Friday Roundup for Week 4

montanasThis week was less than fantastic, but I guess nothing went terribly wrong, so I have that to be thankful for, at least. Check out all the exciting, exciting highlights.

What I Read

  • I flew through the middle-grade/picture book We Are the Ship, which is about Negro League Baseball and didn’t really hold my interest. But it’s always good to read broadly. Because #weneeddiversebooks.
  • I also started Your Fathers, Where Are They? And Your Prophets, Do They Live Forever? And actually, I’m just about done with it. It’s a quick read–only about 200 pages, and 100% dialogue. Yes. Literally, 100%. It’s pretty interesting.

What I Ate

  • I made another Ottolenghi favorite, Sweet and Spicy Brussels Sprouts with Tofu and Shiitake Mushrooms (recipe here). My advice, if you really are thinking of making it, is to cut back on the oil! I roasted the brussels sprouts in the oven, and so that certainly helped.
  • I also put together a humble little Indian feast for a new friend who came over for dinner last night. Chicken curry, dal, fried bitter gourd and potatoes. Hmm…maybe I should write about bitter gourd. It certainly is a fun vegetable. Heh.
  • A lot of Ben & Jerry’s. Ugh. (The Tonight Dough, if you’re really curious.)

What I Watched

  • Well, I finished Jane the Virgin Season 1 in a Tuesday-afternoon binge sesh. Now I’ve got to figure out how to get my hands on Season 2. Aghhhhh!!!

What I Wrote

  • Another great week for hitting my Uproxx goals. My favorite was a piece I did on Girl Scout Cookies, comparing each to a person I knew in middle school (fictional or no).
  • More Ahab Rehab work. I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it by Sunday–ie, the end of the month–but if I don’t, it will surely be done by next Friday’s roundup. And hopefully out to its first exclusive agent submission. (Which I expect to be a “no” from this particular agent, but a) why not try? and b) exclusive means I have another month to work on my manuscript and make it even stronger for other agents while still feeling like I’m making progress toward selling it.

What I Learned

  • Again, good question. Maybe I should take this question out of here. Or figure out something to start learning on.

What I Accomplished

  • Not so much. I’m slowly scanning a whole bunch of Bengali papers from when I learned the language back in 2010/11. So, progress toward the paper digitizing. Slow but steady.

Not sure what next week is going to bring for me. Mostly, I think, it’s going to be 100% boring. But I should have more time to work on Ahab Rehab, and I might even make a nightly movie date happen with myself. Because, reasons. A-yup.

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