Friday Roundup for Week 5

rainbow downtown
Friday again, huh? So it goes. This week here in Vegas we experienced a dip in temperature that left me unwilling to do anything except stay inside with sweaters on. (Read: I didn’t exercise. At all. Boo.) It was also a pretty low-key week in general. I’m glad it’s over. I’m ready to dive into the rest of this month.

What I Read

  • As it was the beginning of the month, my TBR pile reset. Which meant I got a couple of picture books out of the way: Arthur’s Nose and Dinosaur Dinner. I enjoyed the former more than the latter.
  • I also read a couple of graphic novels: This One Summer and Anya’s Ghost. Both were great, but for different reasons. This One Summer had a very quiet, melancholy feel to it, and the illustrations were gorgeous. Which is not to say that the illustrations in Anya’s Ghost weren’t great–they were just different. I did love the cartoon icons! And the story was really compelling to me. High stakes. Stop that ghost!
  • I started The Sweet Far Thing which is hella long. Phew. Over 800 pages. How does Libba Bray get away with this stuff? But since this month is the month for finishing trilogies, on I press.
  • In terms of craft books, I picked up Writing the Breakout Novel. Which sounds gimmicky, but it actually promises to good. The author is not arguing for a formula–he’s giving advice on how to strengthen whatever formula your writing takes, in order to elevate it beyond formulaic bestsellers. Good stuff. I’m on board.
  • My adult Dropcaps book this month is BUtterfield 8 (not a typo there). I’m already super into it. Thank goodness, after last month’s ginger-ale-fueled disaster.
  • Still pressing on with Moby Dick. I actually read the Cetology chapter and enjoyed it. What?!

What I Ate

  • Heh. So, this week there wasn’t as much need for me to cook. Meaning I survived on leftovers and potstickers. And fast food. But I did make a cheesecake! Anyway, I’ll get back into cooking next week.
  • Oh! I did make Calcutta-style Puchkas (pron. “futchkas”) on Friday night! Prep took quite a bit of time, but the recipe made a lot, and I mean a lot. Particularly of the chutney, which I’m going to freeze. Oh, and as for taste? So authentic. Almost as good as being at a puchka stand in Calcutta. But not quite. 🙂

What I Watched

  • Did I even watch anything? That’s right, The Wind Rises, Hiyao Miyazaki’s (sob) final film. Come out of retirement, Miyazaki! Please! Anyway, it was a nice film, and with its own elements of magic as is standard in his films, but I really like his more inventive stuff. This was a semi-fictional biography of a Japanese airplane designer.

What I Wrote

  • Uproxx, Uproxx, Uproxx. Boom. I really did good with pacing myself this week, too, which is refreshing. Let me see, what was my favorite thing that I wrote this week? Oh! Ben and Jerry’s is releasing new vegan ice cream, so that’s cool. There’s a Hijarbie Instagram account that’s pretty neat. And there’s a bunker up for sale in Ireland. I had fun with that article. The coolest thing is, one of the book ideas I’ve got simmering has need of a bunker. This is great research for it. (Though I think in the book it’s a group of high-schoolers designing a bunker. Still.)
  • I! Finished! My! Draft! On Tuesday, and after neglecting pretty much everything else around me that day. Marathon much? So I sent out my query Wednesday. And, wouldn’t you know it? That agent still hasn’t gotten back to me. (As opposed to the scenario had secretly hoped would happen, wherein he would open my e-mail immediately upon receipt, read through it, and send me a gleeful response requesting the rest of my book and promising fame and fortune for how wonderful I am. Right. Guess I’ll have to keep on waiting.)
  • In the meantime, I’m starting back in on Basically Yours, my Pride and Prejudice ripoff novel that I wrote the first…half of? for NaNoWriMo back in November. Taking it rill slow, getting to know my characters. Yesterday I wrote a journal entry of my MC’s first day at school. How illuminating, to get right into her voice like that! I’m going to keep writing journal entries of her side of the story while I also figure out other stuff about it.

What I Accomplished

  • MOAR scanning. I also sorted through my three boxes of memorabilia and decided what I absolutely want to keep. The rest of it will either be scanned or videoed–which I started on as well. Exciting stuff!

As for next week…who knows what will happen? #thewriterslife I will be sure to keep you allllll updated.