Friday Roundup for Week 7

clouds over vegasDude. So apparently I missed two Friday Roundups. Ewps. I could have sworn it was just the one! Well, anyway.

No, you know what! I definitely wrote Week 5’s roundup. I even uploaded a pretty pretty picture of a rainbow for it! The Blog Demons must have swallowed it somewhere between writing and publishing. Phooey.

Moving on, though. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week (other than fighting this stupid cold that took my voice from me):

What I Read

  • I’ve been struggling to get through Libba Bray’s The Sweet Far Thing. It’s the third in a trilogy, and clocks in at over 800 pages. And I’m sorry. But I’m bored with the Realms. (That said, it is getting a bit interesting, so I’m pressing onward. Plus, I’m almost at 400 pages now. Cantstopwontstop.)
  • I skimmed Heart Rate Training to get the good stuff out of it. On a non-reading note, I’m excited to start in on it. I got a heart rate monitor and everything!
  • Current Moby Dick status: they’ve just lowered for their first whale sighting and were nearly lost at sea in the ensuing squall. Exciting stuff.

What I Ate

  • I made parathas with some leftover puchka potatoes we had on hand. They were okay, but I think I need practice. More kneading, more rolling. More ghee! 🙂
  • I also made aloo dum and luchis! The luchis I kneaded for a full 10 minutes, as per Madhur Jaffrey’s recommendation, and they came out beautifully. Baby-soft. The aloo dom (a spiced potato curry to go with the fried luchis) was alright, but I made it better before. It doesn’t help that I’m adapting a recipe. This time the potatoes were cut too big and the curry had too much of a mustard oil flavor. Ah, well.
  • Soylent! I ordered it to be a meal replacement for Those Of Us Who Don’t Eat Regularly. It tastes like Cheerios milk and is absolutely perfect for its purpose! (Would I subsist on it solely? No. But I like food. Food is not my problem. Well, it is my problem, but for reasons Soylent doesn’t address.)

What I Watched

  • Just an episode of 30 Rock so far, I think. I can’t get enough of that show. I tried watching it when it first came on back in college and didn’t get it. It was so un-funny. Now, though–all the jokes hit the mark. I guess because I’m An Adult.ADULT

What I Wrote

  • Stuff for Uproxx! Missing last week’s update meant missing the fact that I’m officially a contracted worker for Woven Digital now. Tres exciting. Now I have to get my 10 pieces in per week. Or else.
  • See, you also missed my Ahab Rehab drafting marathon! With 17,000 words in one day, I finished it on the 2nd of the month, and then sent it out to Big Exciting Agent (BEA) on the 3rd, as an exclusive. I still have not heard back from BEA, which…is tough. I’m trying to take this as a positive–BEA gets back to everyone (so it says on the website), and I’m going a little nuts watching QueryTracker for any comment updates. Yesterday I saw someone who queried the day after me had received a rejection. So…maybe that means mine is in the maybe pile? AGH I DON’T KNOW!
  • Today I decided to stop moping around and start my next project, Basically Yours. Most of today’s work was me copy-pasting from what I wrote on it during NaNoWriMo, but hey–progress is progress!

What I Learned

  • Um. That I waste too much time on the internet. Must. Stop.

What I Accomplished

  • Still digitizin’. Last week I finished talking through my memories. Which…I guess means I’m done KM’ing the house? I won’t count myself as actually being finished until everything’s digitized, though. I’m hard like that.

Anyway. I need to crack the whip on myself again next week. I always start out my weeks with such high hopes and then…the lazy sets in. This is the problem with working for yourself, I suppose. Discipline is a must!

Other than the Emily-being-a-downer-to-herself stuff, I really am looking forward to the next seven days. I’m planning on watching both Spotlight and The Big Short, and also partaking of In-n-Out while I still can (because Lent is fast approaching, my friends). Hopefully other good stuff too. We shall see.

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