Getting Warmer

Summer TuesdayBoy, where has time gone? Two months ago I wrote about my re-tooled experiment in minimalism. Remember that? The capsule wardrobe? All planned out?

Well, now it’s hot. That’s right–it’s hot. Mid-seventies, give-yourself-spring-fever, Vegas-style-March hot. Not exactly weather for wearing sweaters and ankle boots in.

I’d been dragging my feet in regards to the weather, but finally, after the purchase of some khaki shorts and that striped top I’m so ethereally modeling above, I decided it was time. To retool. The wardrobe. For the everlasting summer that is Las Vegas.

So what’s in this new, updated wardrobe? This time around I’ve got 5 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 skirt, 1 cardigan, 1 sweater, 1 button-down to act as a sort of cardigan, 1 dress (so far*) and 4 pairs of shoes. That’s 17 items, up one from my winter wardrobe.

Here’s the best part: I only had to purchase two items–and that was really just to round it out. I could have done without the striped top, but I like stripes, and the short-sleeved striped top I had was in desperate need of updating.

Yes! Updating. Because I realized something: I love these capsules, but I also enjoy new clothes. Call me materialistic, but that’s how it is. So instead of spending my clothing money as I get it, I’m going to strategize and use it to update my capsules at the beginning of each season. Perfect, no?

Anyway. Talk to me again in October. We’ll see how much I’m loving this seventeen-item capsule then.

*I say so far, because I’m looking for the perfect navy dress to add. Maxi? Knee-length? I’ll know it when I see it.

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