Q. When did you decide you wanted to become a writer?
A. This isn’t my Official Author Website. That’s over here. But I’ll humor you anyway, since I’m so nice: I’ve been writing story-starts since 4th grade. So I guess then?

Q. What, exactly, is the purpose of this website?
A. To let my hair down. To write about everything I probably shouldn’t be writing about on my Official Author Website; that is, mostly J. Crew reviews and rants on the sorry disciplinary state of the American people. Because I always say I want a blog when I don’t have one, and when I do have one I completely and utterly ignore it.

Q. If you had a choice between living in Paris or a small town in Germany for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
A. Deutschland, uberalles! German countryside ist am besten. Plus, I’m pretty sure Paris doesn’t have doner kebabs.

Q. But what about your love of India?
A. Well yeah, I’d always choose that, too. India is the bomb. I love my India.

Q. What’s your favorite book in the world?
A. Don’t make me choose. Cat’s Cradle was pretty good, though. As was Midnight’s Children. Oh, and Dracula. And I’m finishing East of Eden right now and that’s just…mind-blowing. No, you know what? The Neverending Story. There’s my answer. Don’t even mention the movie, or we can’t be friends.

Q. What about your favorite movie?
A. I have two answers to this one. First of all, The Godfather, hands down. Best movie ever. (“That I cannot do!”) But also, my go-to favorite when I’m feeling girly-sappy-romantic is Clueless. I can pretty much quote the entire thing.

Q. Colin Firth or Matthew MacFayden?
A. Lest I risk exposing myself as a complete fraud, I’m going to have to go with Matthew MacFayden on this one. The movie was tighter, and just…so…beautiful. And Darcy! He just looks so depressed, and in love, the whole time. I will admit, I watched the Matthew MacFayden version before I watched the Collin Firth version, so that could be why it’s my go-to Pride and Prejudice adaptation. I just felt like the old one was long. And old.

Q. So you live in VEGAS? What’s that like?
A. Awesome, because I can make fun of crazy tourists as much as I want. Seriously, people. Don’t drive stoopid around my town. If you’re trying to figure out where the parking garage to your hotel is, don’t just stop in the middle of an intersection!!!! Oh, and pedestrians on Fremont? Watch the crosswalk light. Someday I’m going to give in and plow through you all. (Okay, no, I am not. But I am regularly filled with rage at having to wait a full minute for you all to clear the intersection.)

Q. When are you going to admit that you’ve just made up all these FAQ’s?
A. Right about now. 🙁 Except that I was actually asked that Paris-Germany question yesterday.

Q. Do you regret getting your MFA?
A. Spit-take. No. No, I do not. When I was in college and heard that MFA’s were pretty much for people who wanted to teach, I decided it wasn’t for me. But then I decided it was for me, and holy cow, people. If I could make every young adult writer go through VCFA’s WCYA low-residency program, I would. The amount of joy I experienced there is mind-boggling, even still.

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  1. Lorene and Lowell wold like to be informed of your updated accounting of Ambroses progress in real life. Your creative jouraalism is so dramatic. We love to hear more from you as he continues to develop in his maturing process

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