This is just a test post, really. So don’t even worry about it. Oh, but now I feel like I have to write a really long-winded post to see how everything aligns. This is a really pleasant picture, don’t you think? Made even pleasant-er by the fact that it’s awesomely upside-down? Wow, this is a lot of text to write. Your mom writes a lot of text, so what now?

Ugh. Can I tell you a story? It starts with a girl, her name is Ruth. And she falls in love with a guy, his name is Levi. You can call him Leevz. Even though Ruth would never think of calling him that, you can, just because I’m the author and I’m telling you you can. So, they fall in love, and all is good. They’re talking about getting married, popping out the babies. Until he has to go off to Corporation-mandated school. Just for a year. Except that he DISAPPEARS. Can you believe it? Doesn’t that sound intriguing??? Doesn’t it sound like a book you would spend all of your chore money on just to get your hands on a copy and to flip through the pages and to smell it???? I’ve written enough here.

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