Mom Swag: AirPods (A Review)

I’ll tell you the one reason I put myself on the AirPods waiting list the minute I could: because I was sick and tired of having my earbuds ripped out of my ears every time the cord got snagged on the kitchen cabinet pulls while I was listening to podcasts and cooking.

Yes, it was a very specific reason that made me happy to drop a decent amount of bucks on Apple’s new cord-free Bluetooth earbuds. These days, I can’t live without ’em.

I’d tried Bluetooth headphones in the past, because I also wasn’t a fan of working out with my corded earbuds in. They barely stayed in while I was running, not to mention the annoying cord jerk. And if I was lifting weights I’d have to navigate around the cord or just go without. And yes. #firstworldproblems to all of this, to this entire post. In any case, I really wasn’t a fan of the cheapie Bluetooth headphones I got, either. The earbuds were uncomfortable and, again, never stayed in. And there was a cord connecting the two that I had to figure out how to somehow loop around the back of my head…

It just wasn’t great, guys. But let me tell you about my AirPods. Or, I suppose I should say, AirPods, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. I love that they fit so well in my weird ears and I can run without worrying about them loosening with each step.
  2. I love that I can do work around the kitchen without aforementioned cord-jerk rage.
  3. I love that I don’t have to tote my phone everywhere I go, so that if I’m wearing a pocketless outfit I can still listen from across the house. (That said, I have started to run into some range issues with our bigger house. But it’s really not that bad.)
  4. I love that I can double-tap to ask Siri questions or answer the phone when it’s ringing. And apparently the new iOS update makes it so the different sides have different functionality!
  5. I love that I can listen to things without Ambrose jerking on the cord. He does like picking them out of my ears, but that’s a much more up-close task.
  6. I love that I can use them in places where only handsfree devices are permitted.

Okay, so the list is short. But honestly, I can’t say enough good things about my AirPods. They’re just the most handy, convenient Mom accessory ever. Or life accessory, really! And now my child is up from his exceedingly short nap, and that is all I’ll say.

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