My Actual Pregnancy Favorites

At 41 weeks pregnant, I'm basically an expertSo here’s the deal. When it comes to pregnancy recommendations, everyone is going to need different things. I only learned this after some sad purchases: stretchy wireless bras that didn’t fit and offered zero support, belly butter and oil that I never used because my belly never actually got itchy.

So why am I even bothering? Because I’ve found myself devoted to certain products, and if someone out there is helped by my tried and true pregnancy vet recommendation, then by all means! I consider that a success.

Read on for some of my favorites:

Snoogle Total Body Pillow

This is one you’ll see on a lot of lists, and for good reason. It’s a stinkin’ lifesaver. Pre-pregnancy I was a stomach sleeper (sob!) but I had to transition to my side pretty quickly after second trimester hit. The Snoogle has offered perfect back, hip, and belly support — my preferred position is with the long part to my back, the bottom part of the C tucked between my legs, and the top of the C as my pillow. It’s also good for making a temporary “nest,” as recommended by my midwife — I roll it up with the hole in the center and lay down on my belly. Ah, sweet relief. (Word of warning: your non-pregnant partner may also try stealing the Snoogle to sleep with. It’s that comfortable.)

Maternity Sleep-Style Bras

Seriously, the brand doesn’t matter, as long as they’re the stretchy crossover pull-on kind. I picked up two pairs from Target on a whim, and then purchased another set of the ones linked to above. They’re not the most supportive things in the world, and they look funny under shirts, but they’re super comfy for lounging around the house in, and I’m sure they’d be perfect during that whole first-trimester bruised boobs phase. Bonus: I’m anticipating using them as my primary go-to as soon as if this kid ever arrives.

Gap Pure Body Maternity Tops

I can’t say enough good things about Gap Maternity tops. Maybe I don’t have the hugest belly in the world, but as of typing this at 40 weeks and 5 days, they still cover everything. They’re flattering, they fit my style perfectly, and you can usually pick ’em up on sale for at least 40% off. I have two solid crewnecks and a striped v-neck.

The opposite end of the spectrum: Old Navy maternity tops. I have two different short-sleeved styles, and while they’re cute, they definitely do not have the same belly coverage. Which is a bit of a pity, but I manage to remedy it by using undershirts.

Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans

K so here’s the deal. I have three pairs of jeans that I rotate between: these, a generic pair I picked up from Motherhood, and a ridiculously expensive black pair from A Pea In The Pod.

The Jessica Simpson pair are the only ones I would purchase if I had it to do over again.

I think it all comes down to the quality of the panel. The panel on the Pea In The Pod pair isn’t supportive enough, meaning that the jeans ride down low and I’m always trying to hitch them up. Meanwhile, the panel on the Motherhood pair — which also started showing support issues a few months in — has now come completely unraveled from all the times I’ve washed them. Laundering them is a nightmare, and wearing them leaves a really weird bump in my midsection.

This pair isn’t perfect either — the inseam is a bit longer than I prefer, and the panel was actually almost too long for my torso until my belly reached peak velocity — but can you ever find the perfect pair of jeans, honestly? Especially when you’re pregnant and limited? Overall I’m super happy with them, and will definitely be ordering another pair or two when my next pregnancy happens (God willing!).

P.S. Can we please start making panels in nude? Someone? Someone? The only creatures who have blue skin are Smurfs and Na’vi. I don’t know about the Na’vi’s maternity clothing situation, but I do know that there’s only one female Smurf, and she doesn’t even wear pants. End rant.

Belly Bandit Thighs Disguise

Pre-pregnancy I never wore form-fitting sheath dresses, but since the arrival of the bump, I’ve been all about them. Because a bump is not a belly pooch! It’s something to show off!

That said, VPL is a trick to get around. Which is where the Thighs Disguise comes in! It’s got a silly name, but it’s perfect for smoothing things out under the dress. My actual thighs have also expanded somewhat since becoming pregnant (and TBH they weren’t much to look at before), but the Thighs Disguise — as well as the Spanx version I also have that I recommend equally heartily — are perfect for shaping the saddlebags.

Intimate Portal Maternity Underwear

Yet another perfect product with a ridiculous name. Don’t think too hard about it. Just buy the stinkin’ underwear, and you’ll be happy forever.

I have both the under-the-bump kind (linked above) and the hipster kind, and let me tell you how big of a fan I am of these: I’m seriously considering wearing these as my primary underwear post-baby. Like, forever.

There’s everything here, in one perfect, stupidly-named package. Thick, comfortable cotton (as opposed to all my threadbare Victoria’s Secret underwear), wide gusset, wide waistband that fits perfectly under the bump and doesn’t dig in.

That said, definitely listen to the Amazon reviewers’ advice and size up! I wear a size large, and they fit great. We’ll see how they fit once this baby finally evacuates. (If this baby finally evacuates.)

And that’s about it for my favorites! Or at least, what I can remember off the top of my head. If there’s anything else that comes up, I’ll update. (And FYI, I wasn’t paid to recommend any of these items. Come on, I’m a pathetic blogger with no readers! I just love each of these things that much.)

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