My Filet o’ Fish Experience

filet o fishGeez, I’m going to get myself in trouble, scheduling completely blank posts to publish. My B. I’m here now, so all two of you can just chill.

This past Thursday I had to get a root canal re-treated. “Hold on,” you are asking. “Re-treated? Why didn’t it work the first time?

Good. Question.

Apparently that molar is “special.” And not the good kind of special–the kind of special that makes the roots curve in, giving the endodontist a heck of a job when treating it. Back in 2010, when it was initially done, they must not have cleared everything out, because it started getting a little infectiony in there, which started giving me just enough pain to mention it to the dentist at my last visit. (It had been in there for awhile–back in Albuquerque the dentist specifically said, “If that tooth isn’t bugging you, we may as well leave well enough alone.”)

So, okay. Since this post isn’t about my root canal, I’ll cut it short. Dentist had me see an endo, endo said, “Well, I can re-treat it, but I’d give it a 70% chance of surviving,” a month later I came back, numb numb numb, drill drill drill, boom. I left the office with a sore jaw and a prescription for antibiotics.

Since CVS is the only place that takes my insurance in town, I found a place sort of on my way back from the dentist, but about twenty minutes’ drive from home. The woman at the pharmacy told me it would be a couple hours’ wait for the meds, and so with nothing else to do–I didn’t want to drive home, see–and a computer in my backpack, I hastened to the McDonalds the CVS shared its parking lot with.

Lo! The fish sandwich awaited.

Look, I really didn’t want to get a fish sandwich. I would have preferred the fried chicken sandwich, or maybe nuggets, but I knew it was my time. To order. The Filet o Fish. A minute later, the tray was in my hands.

Initial reaction: it’s sort of a sad sandwich. You have a little fish patty on a bun with some cheese and tartar sauce. It looks just like what you get in the cafeteria in high school.

Taste reaction: Tastes like it, too. Now, to be fair, half my face was numb and I was having trouble chewing the thing. (And actually, it was a good choice, because I barely needed teeth for that sandwich.) But really. Nothing remarkable. The best part of the experience was that I got to cross off another 30 Before 30 line item.

The takeaway: Look. Don’t get rid of the sandwich, McDonald’s. I’m sure there are plenty of Catholics out there that are happy to order it on Fridays during Lent. But can you up the game at all? Maybe give it some salad greens, a tomato? Fancy sauce?

Still waiting for the McRib to show its face back in the Golden Arches.

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