New Stuff: Levi’s 711’s, Tulip Lace Soludos, and Birkenstock Mayari’s

soludos and levisHi people. For those expecting a cool new blog post this morning and landing at this pre-updated page, I apologize. Clearly scheduled posts are not any way for me to get my act together.

But here I am, writing my post, and all is well. Besides, it’s not like I have hoards of fans awaiting my every post. So there’s that.

Anyway. I got a few new wardrobe items recently. The jeans, to replace my ripped-knee J.Crew Toothpicks, the Mayari’s (Mayaris?), to replace an old pair of Everlane sandals, and the Soludos, because I wanted a more summer-friendly black flat. So here’s my lazy-short review of each piece:

levi 711Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans

So, here’s the story. I needed some new jeans, so I walked over to the Levi’s outlet near my house. I usually stick with a style that’s mostly cotton and about 3% stretch, but they didn’t have that. So I tried on a variety of styles, and voila! My new 711’s.

As you can tell from the photo up top, they’re pretty dark–I’m assuming they’re the Lone Wolf color. I don’t like factory-made whiskering, and I know they’ll fade after a couple washes, so I’m perfectly happy with how black they look right now.

Levi’s always fit me so great. I don’t know why I ever cheated on them for J.Crew! They’re perfectly comfortable, maxx stretchy, and don’t give me muffin-top. And you know what else is great? Their new 2×2 sizing.

I don’t know if that’s the official term for it–I just made it up on the spot–but you know what I mean–how men get to pick their jeans by waist size and by inseam, and women have to rely on generic sizing (and, if we’re lucky, petite and tall variations). But now that’s changed? I don’t know, it’s been awhile since I’ve shopped for Levi’s. Whatever the case, I wanted a bit of a longer inseam to give the ankle a scrunched look.

birkenstock mayariBirkenstock Mayari’s

The grammar nerd in me is cringing at the apostrophe I’m using. Trust me, judgy readers! I know where apostrophe’s generally belong! (That last one was a joke. I just have to clarify.)

Anyway. Deez shoes. Story time! I remember when my mom finally let me get my first pair of Birkenstocks. I’d wanted clogs for a longgggg time (they were so cool) but she wanted to wait until my feet stopped growing, because of the cost. Finally, finally, around the time I started high school, I got to go to the local shoe store with her and pick them out.

Now that I’m an adult, I really can afford these on my own–but it still feels like a luxury! Ha. Anyway, I’m in love with them, for the most part. The raving mostly centers around the arch support. Long standing services at church, holla! So comfy. I also love the style.

There are two things that I’m not as in love with, but that are definitely not dealbreakers, by any means. First is the fabric of the straps–I had expected more of a leather, and even sent my first pair back, because I got some sort of a shiny brown strap. This pair is more opaque, but the straps are still oddly spongy. Anyway, that’s the trouble with online shopping when you have exactly the color you’re looking for in mind.

The second issue stems from the same online shopping thing, and that’s that, because the narrow wasn’t available in my color of choice, they look a little wide on my feet. I say “look,” because they don’t actually feel like they fit improperly. I do think I have slightly wider feet than normal, and they’re just bound to get wider as I age. So I guess it’s alright. I’ll accept my fate and move on.

tulip lace soludosTulip Lace Soludos

Gotta be honest. I love me some Soludos–they’re the original Toms!–but these took a bit of time to fall in love with. Here’s why:

First, they come from the factory a bit tight. I actually ordered another pair a size up because my toe felt like it was curling at the end (technical jargon FTW guyz) (also Zappos free shipping both ways FTW and I’m not even kidding about that), but the looser size made me feel like I was always flexing my foot to keep it on.

Second, the Tulip Lace style comes with a plasticky-nylon lining layer, I guess to give more support to the delicate lace. You can see what I mean by looking at the spaces between the lace in the photo above. The problem is, the ends of it aren’t sewn off perfectly, so sometimes they dig into my foot. Just enough to drive me nuts in–again, yes–a long standing church service.

Anyway, I’m fully in love with the shoes now. They seem to have stretched out, and I managed to adjust the lining area so that it sticks up instead of straight down into my foot.

But yeah. Soludos are great, as are Birkenstocks and Levi’s, and soon enough there’s going to be something else to review, but we’re not there yet. Way to build anticipation, Emily.

For now, that’s all I’ve got. I think I actually have another post scheduled for Wednesday already. Let’s see if I can stay on top of it this time!

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