One Week Old!

As of tonight, our little fighter will be a week old. And what a week it’s been! We’ve come so far — from a sedated, struggling newborn to a wiggly, alert little boy who has captured the heart of every nurse on the unit and is just starting to eat and poop.

Yes, he pooped twice today — I even got to change his diaper! And we started his trophic feeds — he gets about teaspoon of milk every three hours. We’re also giving him a pacifier to help him work on his suck and associate the feeds with that sucking. This will hopefully curb any aversions.

Other than that, there’s honestly not too much of an update today. Ambrose has made such huge leaps in the past week, and from here on out, progress toward release will be a bit slower. Now we have to work on healing his lungs, and getting him used to breathing on his own. He still breathes a little fast — something called tachypnea, which is common in MAS babies. The doctor thinks that it will take him a day or two to regulate his breathing. And when he does that, we can put him on the boob!

I had another busy day today. After a relaxing morning and a long session of holding the babe, I went out to Target to get Starbucks and buy some assorted items I’ve been needing. Because I’m a mom now. Isn’t that what moms do? 😉

Tomorrow we have our big meeting with the neurologist, who’s going to give us her evaluation of Ambrose based on the MRI, the EEG, and how he’s been acting overall. I’m not nearly as worried about what she’s going to say than when we were waiting for the MRI results. I know my kid is doing well. I have all the hope for a bright future for him.

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9 thoughts on “One Week Old!”

  1. Oh Emily, I am so happy to hear this news!! His eyes are open, he’s active, pooping, and you can hold him!!! I’ll continue to keep you guys in my prayers.

  2. Yes…he is amazing!! He’s captured my heart and I know he is one special little guy!!!!❤ I love the smile he’s placed on your face!!

  3. So happy to see such a good update!!! It will be so great for you to finally get to enjoy doing more and more of those basic mom things with each new day/week that goes by…. ❤ wheee!!!

  4. What relief it is to see Ambrose doing so well. My second baby was in the hospital for 26 days and I had only nursed him once before he left the hospital. They had been giving him my milk prior to this through a feeding tube and then with a bottle. We did not have any problems switching to nursing so I hope you have a good experience with that, too. He is adorable and I love all that hair.

  5. Praying for all of you and following little Ambrose’s progress. What a beautiful baby and what a privilege to be one of your prayer partners.

  6. I would expect nothing but miracles with the amount of prayers this little boy has had. He is going to do well. Learning to eat is often the the slowest part, because they are so close to going home. He will get it though!

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