Happeh New Yur, Here Are Some Resolutions

My fortune for 2016Yo. It is 2016. It is a leap year. It is an election year. IT IS A YEAR OF GREATNESS.

Le sigh. I tell myself this sort of thing every year. (Well, minus the whole 366-days-plus-new-president thing.) Because somehow, resetting the clock to zero makes everything seem fresh and sparkly and new. Chowing down on barbecue daily and getting sozzled on beer nightly? No problem! It’s January 1! You and your liver are as clear as Perrier! Haven’t worked out since December hit? Ain’t no thing. It’s January now. Read more

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Penny Book Review: Native Speaker

Picture taken at night, and that's why the weird glare. If I'd been thinking right, I would have had that scotch at mid-day.
Read more

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Yes, the Starbucks-Gaming Game Worked: An Update

GoldHey, remember how I wrote about taking advantage of Starbucks’ million bonus star offers, and then read the fine print and quickly redacted everything on the basis that I had no evidence that my strategy would actually work?

Well I’m here to update that. And to tell you it worked. It really, really worked. Read more

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Penny Book Review: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

I am a rainbow fiend.

Let’s talk 30 Before 30 for a second here. Number 15 on that list, Finish the Penguin Drop Caps series, might be a little baffling to you, so I’ll take a brief moment to explain. Read more

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Gaming the Starbucks System

Or, Sticking It to the Starbucks Man.

That’s right. Today we’re here to talk about my Starbucks Gold Card quest, number 7 on my Mostly-Easily-Attainable 30 Before 30 List. Read more

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September Promises

September is here. Insert obligatory joke about waking me up when September ends. (But actually, I’ll stay awake–I’ve had some pretty frightening nightmares the past two nights and would prefer to walk among the living, for now.) And while the arrival of this ninth month of 2015 may signal a change in weather for some folks, here in the Las of Vegas, it’s still summer. For the next two months.

Le sigh.

Anyway, I’m not here to write about the weather. I’m here to write about what this new month is bringing me: possibly, an end to my current job. What? Read on. Read more

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Semester 5, Packet 1

It is August 31. I have officially been a Master for one month and eleven days. Ten days?

Okay, I’m not sure. What I’m saying is that my first full month of not being in school is more than finished. If I were still a student, I’d be well on my way to completing my second packet.

But I’m not. And I’m not.

So what have I accomplished? A lot, thank you for asking! Read more

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Maple Oat Scones for Dreary Mornings

Scones for days

I live in Las Vegas, where dreary summer mornings are not really a thing. Mornings here are more like, you’d better go running before 7 a.m. because after that your skin might melt off your body.

Hot and sunny, is what I mean.

So when I woke up this morning to the sort of opaque, filtered-cloud light that’s rare around here, I was pretty pumped. Pumped enough that I decided to throw together a batch of maple-oat scones. Read more

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Penny Book Review: East of Eden by John Steinbeck

That’s how you have to say it: East-of-Eden-by-John-Steinbeck. Well, that’s how we say it around here, and we are ultimately the coolest, so…

So anyway, I was sitting on the toilet when I finished the book because that’s just how great it is, and I reached the last line and just completely teared up. It’s so perfect. That is all.

Oh, you want a review? Read more

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30 Before 30 (the Easy Way)

Ben and Jerry's Yo[K, so I started this awhile ago but I don’t feel like changing it around too much so just…pretend. Okay?]

Ahoy! Long time no write!

Alas, I am back, almost [wait, yes] a Master, bursting with post-school energy, and…

…turning thirty in a mere 16 [correction, 14] months. Hello, old age. (Just kidding, just kidding.) (But really.) Read more

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