In Which I Return to Blogging

Not counting the eight-odd blog entries I wrote on this thing last year, I’ve sort of been off the map for two years. Shall I tell you what I’ve done in the mere span of (plus-or-minus) 24 months? Read more

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Birchers, Buckwheat, and Bee Pollen–Oh My!

Buckwheat Bircher

If there’s one non-writerly thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m kind of obsessed with healthy, weird, hippy-dippy-trend-type eating. And by “kind of obsessed” I really mean that I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love the way that I feel when I eat whole, raw, pure food. You know, berries for breakfast. Yogurt dip with apples. That kind of thing. But then…

Well, then I always find myself reaching for those gosh-darned little bags of Doritos at work. I don’t get it. I don’t get it! Read more

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A Raw Deal

Viper X001's - Before

I e-mailed Railcar Fine Goods on Friday to ask about the shipping status of the Viper X001’s I had ordered the week before and received my answer within a couple of hours: they were supposed to be shipping out that day, as soon as the waistband was sewn on.

Folks, they were making my jeans from scratch. This company is the best. Read more

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A Few of my Favorite Things

Getaway hoodie, andie chino, and linen tee

Well folks, at this point I can only curse J. Crew for making such perfect-fitting pants. And tops. And shoes. And–

Oh. I don’t think I’ve ever explained my unrequited love of everything J. Crew on this blog before, have I? (Is unrequited the right word? Because I’d say my love is requited in the wonderful clothes I get to wear.) Well here it is: I am madly, desperately in love with everything J. Crew. And to prove it to you, I’ll review three pieces I just ordered for my new Minimalist Wardrobe. Read more

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An Experiment in Minimalism

Spots and Stripes

I came across an article online last week week. Here, I’ll find it for you. Alright, here it is, a CNN article about a Canadian pilot who, for some reason or another, has decided to go for a year wearing only ten items of clothing.

And I immediately thought, “Oh yeah? Why can’t I do that?” Remember how I waxed poetic about my hatred of girly drinks? No? Okay, here’s the article, go read it. Basically, I think we American women need to push our palates to accept drinks that are more than just variations on the vodka-and-syrup theme.

I feel the same way about fashion. Read more

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The Weekly Drank: The Fig Leaf Cocktail

Fig leaf cocktail, as edited with Afterlight.

The semester’s finally winding down, which means I can get back to my much-neglected everything blog. And build my “author” website. (It feels strange to call myself a writer; I won’t truly be an author, in my eyes, until I’ve got something published. And no, blog posts don’t count.)

I’ve got so many wonderful ideas for posts. Cocktails, reviews of wine and beer, book reviews, movie reviews, TV show reviews. Life instructables. So then why in this wide, wide world am I not writing them down? Good question. Anyway, that all ends today. I’m bringin’ it back, baby, and the first thing I’m covering is my favorite thing in all the world: a fine, stiff drink. Read more

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Penny Book Review: The Jerusalem Diet

All the time, people ask me, “Emily–how do you maintain your girlish figure?*”  To which I bat my eyes and reply, “Oh, diet and exercise, I suppose.”

Which is a lie. My father-in-law has called me a dough belly in the past. I could eat toast and butter for breakfast every day, if I allowed myself. I hope there will be unlimited pats of Kerrygold butter (nope, no endorsement there) and a big basket full of steaming rolls upon which to smear it at the great feast in Heaven.

And don’t even get me started on sweets. No, I will spare you.

What it really comes down to is this: The Jerusalem Diet. That’s a book title, not me emphasizing my diet’s name. Although, I guess it could function as both. Read more

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What Not to Pack When Traveling to India for a Year

A continuation of the last post: this time it’s what not to pack when traveling to India for a year. Or a month. Or any length of time. Based on personal experience and observation. If you pack any of this stuff, you’ll look as silly as a wet crow in a monsoon. Read more

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What to Pack When Traveling to India for a Year

Hi, y’all. I’m trying to fill this site out with posts to see how I like the format. (Verdict so far: I’m not sure…I mean, what is with that enormous white space? How do I put something in there? Grr. Update: Ah, I remember. You have to give the post a featured image. I dig it.) But the problem is, first I have to start writing posts. Which is hard when, you know, you work three days a week and do grad school on top of that.

But anyway, enough sob story. I thought of something really important I wanted to write about. That is, What to Pack When Traveling to India for a Year. Read more

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This is just a test post, really. So don’t even worry about it. Oh, but now I feel like I have to write a really long-winded post to see how everything aligns. This is a really pleasant picture, don’t you think? Made even pleasant-er by the fact that it’s awesomely upside-down? Wow, this is a lot of text to write. Your mom writes a lot of text, so what now? Read more

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