Purees Are For Adults, Too

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Here’s a secret that’s about to not be a secret anymore: I eat my kid’s purees. No, no wait. I like eating my kid’s purees.

Okay, I’ll elaborate. I eat his fruit purees. With yogurt. And it’s a game-changer. A game-changer! That is quite a promise to make, isn’t it? Let me back up and tell a little story.

My dad’s been making homemade fruit jam for as long as I can remember. Strawberry, raspberry, peach, grape. It’s delicious. Way better than you can ever get at the store. Well, one year he made some batches using low-sugar pectin. I think he just decreased the amount of sugar he added, but I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, it was the best jam I’ve ever had. The lower amount of sugar really made the fruit flavors shine through that much more. It was so delicious.

He hasn’t really made it since, and living so far away from my parents has made his jams a rare commodity in the house. Not that I would really put jam in yogurt, but I’ve tried. It’s just okay. I prefer to eat them on toast. Nom, toast. I could eat toast every day.

Anyway, the purees are marginally related to my dad’s low-sugar jams. Because when I whipped up the first batch of fruit puree for Ambrose, a strawberry-peach puree with vanilla, I was immediately reminded of that low-sugar year. This was what I’d been searching for for so long. Not low-sugar jam. Straight, sugar-free fruit puree. I put it on my yogurt the very next morning and haven’t looked back since.

The hilarious thing is, I really don’t like fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. I prefer my yogurt sweetened with honey (with the optional addition of walnuts, as they eat it in Greece!). But like…honey isn’t exactly the greatest thing to eat every morning. Sure, it’s natural sugar but it’s still sugar, of which I am a fiend and an addict. Yogurt, though, that’s good stuff! Yogurt is health food to the max, or so the internet tells me*. It’s a good source of morning protein and fat. Keeps my bones healthy. Etcetera.

So far I’ve topped my yogurt with the aforementioned strawberry-peach-vanilla puree, a peach-plum-nectarine-thyme puree, a roasted blueberry with Himalayan salt puree, an apple-mint puree, and a banana-coconut milk-chia seed puree. All are ridiculously delicious. All contain exactly 0 grams of added sugar.

Ambrose is 9 1/2 months now and really should be moving on to actual whole fruits, but I keep making him these stupid fruit purees because like them. And you know what? He likes them on yogurt and ricotta too. So I’m not about to stop. If anything, our love of yogurt with fruit puree (er, let’s just call it “fruit compote” to sound more sophisticated) is a mama-son bonding thing. Or something!

Next week I’m going to try and make some Rote Gruetze, a German fruit compote made of berries and not pureed. If it’s any good I’ll share the recipe on here, along with those favorites listed above.

*Okay, I also finger-lick his bowls of vegetable purees because yum. I’m telling you, the sweet potato-coconut milk-coriander puree is a winner forever. And there’s this lentil-coconut milk-sweet potato one that’s also just ridiculously tasty, except that it pretty much went straight to Ambrose’s poop and smelled exactly the same coming out as it did going in.

*Hey, for once I went to WebMD and didn’t get cancer!

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